Thursday, February 25, 2016

The wreck on the parking deck revealed

Part of BJ lore is the head-on collision in the parking deck.

I always knew that the late Sandy Levenson, once a BJ reporter, was the culprit barreling down the many levels of the deck that plowed into another employee's car at Ol’ Blue Walls.

But I didn’t know the guy who was the victim. I’m playing golf with him today in The Villages, Florida: Bob Page.

“I could hear Sandy’s car coming down the parking deck, because his mufflers were so loud,” Bob recalled.

Bob stopped, pulled over as far as he could, and waited.


Sandy’s car met Bob’s car head-on.

It’s still part of BJ legend, like Fran Murphey’s sleepovers in her car in the parking deck, or in the ladies lounge at the BJ where Harry Liggett would pop in and wake her up.

But now you, as I do, know the rest of the story.
Maybe that, and Pat Englehart's salty language, is what drove Bob into the ministry. He's associate pastor at a church in The Villages after decades of ministering to folks in snowbird land.

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