Saturday, February 20, 2016

America’s Great Divide: Income inequality

Who doesn’t think this is a problem for America?

2015 was a tough year for Schlumberger, an oil drilling company. So they laid off 25,000 people – 20% of the work force.

And gave CEO Paal Kibsgaard $18.3 million.

400 people in America have more combined wealth than 14 million African-American households. Despite Oprah Winfrey’s $2.9 billion.

And the 400 are closing in on having more wealth than 53 million Latinos in America.

This is a problem peculiar to America. U.S. CEOs get 400 to 500 times the median salary for workers. In Europe, CEOs get 12 to 22 times more. Big difference.

When this let ‘em eat cake mentality was at its peak in 1789, the guillotine took down royalty.

This time, at least the guillotine should make CEOs suffer with the peasants.

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