Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Do you know any of these?

Remember when they used to say “"Don'’t trust anyone over 30"? The Beacon Journal, to show it was cool, printed this ad I found in an old file folder. I do not know the date it ran, but I can identify a few of the youngsters (standing from right) Bill Hershey, Art Krummel, the late Ron Clark, Tom Suchan, unknown person, Bruce Larrick, another unknown, Lary Bloom and Kathy Lally. Behind Larrick is Chuck Ayers. Ted Schneider is second from left.
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Monday, December 27, 2004

What the Guild contract states

Guild contract covering July 23, 1993 to July 22, 1996.

Article 25 Insurance and Pension Provisions:

Section 3. Retired employees of the Beacon Journal newsroom will be
provided with group hospitalization-medical and life insurance to the
extent in existence on December 31, 1989. This provision shall apply to
any employees who retired during the life of this contract.

Protesting benefits cuts by K-R

From Gina White:

I don't know if you all are experiencing the insurance changes proposed by Tony Ridder or not. But Dave is. Anyway, we've talked to an attorney who says anyone who retired with that "coverage shall remain the same for your life" clause in their insurance contract stands a good chance of prevailing against these changes if we all ban together. We've talked to several retirees without much luck. If we don't take a stand now, the next change will probably be no insurance or paying premiums! I was interviewed by a reporter for AARP who feels these changes could be very drastic.

Anyway, this attorney suggests that we write Tony Ridder and Christy Smith (head of KR BRC) a letter stating that we aren't going to accept these changes before January 1, 2005. There address is Knight-Ridder, 50 W. San Fernando St., San Jose, CA 95113-2413.

I've attached the letters that we sent. The attorney asks that we forward copies of our letters to him as the more of us that get together on this the better.

His name is Allen Anderson and he is with Smith & Johnson, Attorneys, P.O.Box 705, Traverse City, MI 49685. The attorney that owns this firm is a friend of Dave's and said he would do this for us.

It's just very upsetting to think about losing the benefits he worked and paid for all those years at the BJ. If any retirees would like to get in touch with Dave his e-mail address is

Thanks for your help!

Dave & Gina

Send this letter certified mail:

December 18, 2004

Ms. Christy Smith, PHR
Benefits Vendor Manager
50 W. San Fernando St.
San Jose, CA 95113-2413

Dear Ms. Smith:

Please be advised that I have received Tony Ridder’s letter dated September 29, 2004. I have also received and reviewed the proposed changes to my insurance which are to be effective January 1, 2005.

I will not accept any changes to my retirement benefits! I expect the status quo to be maintained and no changes to put into effect on my insurance January 1, 2005.

If you have any questions concerning this matter, please call me at (YOUR PHONE #).


Cc: Tony Ridder, CEO

Allen Anderson, Attorney
Smith & Johnson, Attorneys
603 Bay Street
Traverse City, MI 49685


December 18, 2004

Mr. Tony Ridder, CEO
50 W. San Fernando St.
San Jose, CA 95113-2413

Dear Mr. Ridder:

Please be advised that I have received your letter dated September 29, 2004. I have also received and reviewed the proposed changes to my insurance which are to be effective January 1, 2005.

I will not accept any changes to my retirement benefits! I expect the status quo to be maintained and no changes to put into effect on my insurance January 1, 2005.

If you have any questions concerning this matter, please call me at (YOUR PHONE NUMBER).


Cc: Christy A. Smith, PHR
Benefits Vendor Manager

Allen Anderson, Attorney
Smith & Johnson, Attorneys
603 Bay Street
Traverse City, MI 49685

Update on Bob Kotzbauer

Here’'s an update on Robert W. Kotzbauer, former BJ Columbus Bureau chief and editorial writer for four years after that.

Here’'s the report from him:

At the BJ, I was Columbus bureau "chief" 1962-66. I came back to write edits for four years, then shook off Maidenburg's clutches for the Philadelphia Bulletin editorial board, focusing on criminal justice until 1980 when, feeling the titanic sinking, jumped ship to a PR post with the Citizens Crime Commission and starting my own small newsletter publishing business. In 1988 wife Donna
and I pulled up stakes for the Outer Banks where I went on writing and publishing in semi-retirement. We returned to Pennsylvania in 2002, barely escaping native terrorists (tourists).

Of course, I remember Hal Fry, who took over for me on the editorial staff. Also Kenny Cole, Ben James, Al Fitzpatrick, Murray Powers, and Bruce McIntyre among others.

Since leaving the North Carolina shore in 2002, Donna and I are leading the cultured ? life in a retirement community in Cornwall, near Lancaster, PA. amidst the Amish and Quakers. Quiet. Peaceful. Expensive. Enjoy good health at 79. Doing some writing, for the fun of it. (Nothing new there.) Would enjoy hearing from somebody on the pre-1970 staff. Kotz

Blogger Notes: The photo of Kotz is from the back cover a book her wrote called “Elias: Ersatz Prinz..Union Patriot.” It'’s about Union Army Col. Elias Peissner who was born in Bavaria in 1825, married in 1856 in Schenectady, NY and died May 2, 1863 at Chancellorsville, VA. His parents were Jakob Peissner and Katharina Barbara Kotzbauer.

The back cover of the book also has a short biography of Bob:

Robert "Bob" Kotzbauer is a native Pennsylvanian, born in 1925 and raised in DuBois, Clearfield County, by parents of Ger­man ancestry on both sides. His paternal grandparents, immigrants of the 1890s, initially resided in and later frequented Buffalo, NY, where several of their own children, relatives and friends were part of a large German-American community. So, it was not unusual in the family to think of New York State almost as the "homeland." Little talk was ever made of Bavaria, and of course, no one even dreamed of a "Colonel Elias Peissner" of the Civil War.
After serving in the Navy and gaining a degree in Journalism from Penn State, Kotzbauer worked as a newspaper reporter and editor for 30 years in Ohio and Pennsylvania before starting a small publishing business, as a backstop to retirement on the North Carolina Outer Banks. He and his wife Donna now reside in Cornwall, Pa., closer to children and grandchildren in southeastern Pennsylvania.
His discovery of contemporary German cousins, not to men­tion the redoubtable Elias, has in his own words "opened a new world to explore via travel and internet. It is like being reborn."

Address of Bob and Donna is:
205 Bradley, PO Box 125
Cornwall, PA 17016-0125 Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 26, 2004

A Happy New Year card

John Olesky of Cuyahoga Falls was in Key West, Florida, just before Christmas and turned this photo of a visit to Jimmy Buffett’'s Margaritaville into a Happy New Year card. Posted by Hello

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Soldier photos worth viewing

Dave Boerner sent me the url for a site showing outstanding photos of our soldiers entitled “Until Then.” It is a video worth watching by Todd Clegg and has many photos from Reuters, AP and others I do not recall seeing. Click on the headline to go to the site. It is slow loading but worth the wait.

“The presentation was originally created for and dedicated to a wonderful young lady who lost her husband in Afghanistan who we got to know over the internet, “ Clegg writes. “I posted this one for her but also as a reminder to those who live near families whose husbands have given their lives for their country and those who are currently serving. We must not forget the families of those who serve and sacrifice for the rest of us.”

Music for the video is “Homeward Bound" from The Road Home by The Choirs of Brigham Young University - 2003 Tantara Records

Todd's Website is

Note: This video requires the Macromedia Shockwave add in for your Browser..

Wedding photos finally organized

Harry and Helen Liggett of Akron, OH, on our
wedding anniversary September 7. 2004

I never got around to putting our wedding photos in an album, so this year to surprise Helen I scanned the few old black and white photos that were taken along with mementos such as wedding announcements and honeymoon souvenirs and put them all on a DVD slide show.

We did not keep any notes on our honeymoon, but Helen did keep a list of some of the honeymoon expenses. A due bill from my old hometown newspaper where I worked in 1957 was used to pay our hotel bill. Advertising in the newspaper was swapped for credit by the Continental Hotel, a hotel next to the Capitrol that no longer exists. Our most expensive meal at the swank DC restaurants was $6 for two or us and a visit to Luray Caverns was $3.60 for both. The most expensive gas tank fillup was $3.80 and we got two cups of coffee for 10 cents.

Our luckiest weekend began on a Friday the 13th in 1965 when we drove to Columbus to pick up our oldest son, Tom, for adoption. On Saturday we moved into our home in 544 N. Firestone Blvd. in Akron, and on Monday I started a rewrite position at the Beacon Journal. I made A1 that first day with a story about eight merchants arrested for selling on Sunday.

We adopted another son, Robert, a couple of years later in Akron.

Our worst weekend was last October when Tom was admitted to the hospital with complete kidney failure. He has been going to dialysis three days a week for about four hours. A surgeon has now implanted a catheter in his stomach so he can do the dialysis at home. He cannot hold a full-time job any longer, but luckily he is a realtor and loan officer. Tom and wife Susan have two daughters–-- our only grandchildren--–Erin in Grade 4 and Anna in kindergarten. Erin incidentally took the photo above.

Our other son, Bob, is not married at age 38, He finally quit a tax accounting job which took up too much time and joined Network Polymers in Akron as senior accountant.

I retired in March, 1995 and keep busy now running a family history web site for the Summit County Genealogical Society. I also send out a monthly updated e-mail address list to 150-plus Beacon Journal types and, of course, run this web log for retirees.

Harry Liggett in Akron, OH

[I have been coaxing other BJ types to send me someting about themselves to put on the blog.
Now that you have read mine. Where is yours?]
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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Grandpa Stuart: A slow learner?

Could this be Stuart Warner, the deputy features editor/writing coach at the PD who shows others how it is done? Or is this a just a new, uncomfortable, out of practice grandpa? Naw. It’'s just Grandpa Stuart whose daughter Mandy and son-in-law Caleb Poynter had a baby boy about six weeks ago in Pasadena, CA. The little guy in the photo is Lucas Haden Poynter. Hopefully, he will stay out of the news biz. Posted by Hello

Monday, December 20, 2004

Hertz greetings from Copley

Hello family and friends!

Greetings for a Merry Christmas, a happy (belated) Hanukkah and a joyous 2005! We hope this letter finds you well! .

Our big news for the year was, of course, David's bypass surgery, and we are thrilled to report that he is doing much better! For those of you who don't know, we decided late in the summer that David's disease (Takayasu arteritis) had taken such a toll on his lower aorta and the iliac arteries in both legs that it was time to take action. He was in near constant pain due to the fact that the disease had reduced the blood flow in these arteries to a near trickle. After much preoperative testing and consultation, the surgery was performed Oct. 11 at The Cleveland Clinic. The surgeon used a synthetic artery to bypass the damaged arteries and restore blood flow to David's legs. The surgery was a great success. David's feet again have normal pulses and have returned to a healthier color. The recovery from the surgery, though, has been slow and difficult. He was in the hospital for a week and home recuperating until Dec. 1, when he started working half days. He's slowly increasing the length of his work days, but still struggles with pain in the main incision (13 inches, cut diagonally across his abdomen) and fatigue, but is getting stronger every week and is enjoying being free of the vascular pain for a change.

We couldn't have made it through his long "down time" without all the help of our family and friends! We can't tell you how much we appreciate all the help and emotional support we received! The generosity we experienced was truly overwhelming.

The kids are both doing great, and are enjoying having Daddy back in their lives. Alyssa is LOVING kindergarten and can't wait to go every day. She'll be 6 in February. Joshua, 19 months, is learning new words daily and can climb on just about anything he sets his mind to (the couch, the bed, the kitchen counter). He adores his sister and she feels pretty much the same about him. Watching their relationship develop is the best!

Beth continues to work part-time in the Communications Department at The Cleveland Clinic and do freelance writing and editing on the side.

Take care and drop us a line sometime!


David, Beth, Alyssa and Joshua Hertz


906 Bridlewood Drive
Copley, OH 44321
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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Haas Thanksgiving in St. Pete

Haas Thanksgiving: Lois, Dennis and his folks Wayne and Verna

A report from Dennis and Lois Haas in St. Pete

After retiring from Knight-Ridder with 30 years, we moved to Saint Petersburg, FL. and I got a job with the St. Petersburg Times in their IT department. The Times has been a great place to work and I've enjoyed every moment of it.

We really love St. Pete, which has been experiencing a renewed renovation of the downtown area. Lots of new condos, restaurants, and shops. Every Saturday morning they close off a street downtown for a farmers'’ market and then the first Friday night of each month they have a block party downtown.

As for us, the warmer the better. Lois and I bought a home that's 10 minutes from work (located downtown) or the beach. This past year's experience with three hurricanes is something we hope doesn't become the norm. We managed to escape with only minor damage and was only without power for 3 days.

Happy holidays!


Dennis & Lois Haas
4729 12th Ave. North
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Say a prayer, send a card to Sharon

Sharon Surface, in better days, punching tape via keyboard

Retired printer Bob Pell provides this sad report on a former BJ employe who is now gravely ill in a West Virginia nursing home. Here is Bob’'s report:

Sharon Surface came to the BJ when we changed from the Linotype keyboard to a typewriter keyboard. She came about the same time as Regina White, Rita Stapleton and Ruth West, along with a couple others and I think she left in the late '70's or early '80's. She is now in a nursing home in West Virginia. I am not sure which one, but it is unlikely she would be aware of anyone trying to communicate with her. Following is an e-mail I received from her sister, Shelva Pettit.

Hi Bob,

Sharon is in bad shape. She can't walk or feed herself or care for herself in any way.. Our sister Hallie and I don't think she knows us every time we see her, but there are times she seems to know me . She doesn't talk...other than to answer a question with "yes" or "no ". She started having small strokes and then a massive one. This all started happening around 1990, beginning with uterine cancer. She is cancer free. It's the stroke that is the cause of her condition. The doctors told us about 5 years ago that she would not improve but get steadily worse which has been the case. It's hard on us to see her as she is and remember the way she was. I'm going to see her on Sunday and I shall mention your name to her and look for a reaction. Maybe she remembers you.

Take care, Shelva
Shelva Pettit
Phone: 1-304-765-7931

Blogger Plea: Say a prayer for Sharon– please. We also suggest it might cheer her up in this special Christmas season if all of us sent her a card. Please let us shower her with both. Send cards to:

Sharon Surface
c/o Shelva Pettit
625 Appalachian Corridor
Sutton, WV 26601

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Friday, December 17, 2004

Largely intimate headline grabber

Ad for A Christmas Carol

The Largerly Literary Theater Company’'s A Christmas Carol grabbed the headlines of Kerry Clawson’'s “Theater Notes” in the Beacon Journal on Thursday, Dec. 16 (page E2). Mark Dawidziak, former critic for the BJ, and wife Sara Showman along with Stow teacher Tom Stephan are in the photo used for the ad above which appeared in the Beacon and Falls News. Clawson said the show was "as intimate an experience as ever" in the grand two-story theater at Greystone Hall, formerly the Masonic Temple,.

Click on the headline above to link to Clawson’'s piece.

Send any kudos to Mark via e-mail to

Harry Liggett Note: I was about to sue for copyright infrigement on Mark'’s user name HLGrouch since my initials are HL and I was known as an old grouch at the Beacon. Mark says the HL is for Mencken and the Grouch for Groucho --– two cigar smoking heroes. Posted by Hello

Buffum's favorite story About a story

Asked whether he remembers any favorite story he or Kathy Goforth wrote while they were at the Beacon Journal, our New York City correspondent Charlie Buffum came up with this irreverent gem for the blog:

I forwarded your question on stories to Kathy. I know she won a Penney-Missouri award one year for a feature she wrote about battered women [I think].

The funniest story I recall well about Kathy's writing is how she was a new hire, an Akron University English major stuck writing obits and wondering how to make the move to real newspapering. Goforth thought she finally had gotten her big break when an obit came in for a guy who had died of a heart attack while deer hunting. "Aha!" she thinks. "When they see the intricate, ironic American gothic, heart-rending literary gem I develop this into, they'll rush out into the newsroom and say, 'Who is this Goforth? Why isn't she on page one?'" So Kathy calls the guy's widow, his hunting partner who recalled that the deceased had trouble turning off the gas lanterns the night before, the sherriff's office, etc., labors mightily, and whips out a four or five-take masterpiece. Then she sits back smugly, waiting only for the technicality of being discovered. Finally, Loren Tibbals stands up, copy in hand, and slowly walks to Kathy's desk. Here it is, the moment! No doubt a moment to be enshrined in her biography when published in "Great Ohio Journalists, Vol. 1" She looks up, smiling modestly as Tibbals peers though those thick glasses and asks, "Did you write this?" "Why yes, Loren, I did." Tibbals tosses it on her desk, turns to walk away, and snaps back over his shoulder: "Jesus Christ, Goforth, you got a quote in here from everybody but the Goddamn deer. Cut this to three graphs." Ah fame. More fleeting than a whitetail on the first day of hunting season. Anyway, it's not a story she wrote, but its a story ABOUT a story she wrote that remains one of my personal favorites, right up there with "Stick This Slug Up Your Ass," Ron Kuhne's "God Willing" addition to the front page weather, and watching Bill Schlemmer put out his innumerable wastebasket fires. Damn, those were fun times, weren't they? As for me, the only story I ever won a prize for (state AP award) was for writing about the sun coming up in Medina [big news], one of Perry Morgan's brainstorms.

Blog Guy’s Notes: The “slug” quote actually was a line of type set by a Linotype operator back in the days of hot type when each line of a story was a lead slug. The printer who set this line of type sneaked it into the middle of a story and it was actually printed in the newspaper. The other tale is about Ron Kuhne who was responsible for writing a one paragraph weather summary for page 1. Kuhne thought he would have fun with the copy desk so he wrote a graph which ended up with something like “sunrise tomorrow at 4:59 a.m., God willing” That bit was missed by the copy desk and it too was printed in the newspaper. If anyone has a copy of either and knows the date of publication, please send it to us. Oh, and Schlemmer was a pipe-smoking managing editor.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

BJ types off to warmer climes

Beacon Journal types are off to warmer climes for the holidays.

Coleen Murphy and Bob Tigelman are off to warmer Phoenix for the holidays. Coleen writes in an e-mail: “We're off to Phoenix for a week's visit with my dad and one of my sisters. It's mid '70s and sunny there. After decades of the cold of Minn. and the gray of Ohio, I'll settle for this -- even if it's not in keeping with the season.”
Coleen Murphy

And Don Bandy left this week for Florida for two months.There are no more Bandy’s in his hometown of Washington Court House but he has two brothers and a sister in Florida, so Don is exploring the possibily of getting a condo near Bradenton and selling the old homestead (with all the leaves) on Acqueduct St. “Too much snow and cold here,” Don writes. If you need to get in touch with him send e-mail to for the phone number of his niece Ruth Burton in Sarasota.

Incidentally, if you would like to send cards to any BJ retiree, there is now a link at the left on this blog which is titled “Retirees.”

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Remembering Susan Zimmerman

Don't know if anyone will remember me -- my byline at the BJ was Susan Z. Miller, 1973-75, on the old State Desk.

I live in Cleveland now - address & phone below. I'm a freelance writer, teaching one journalism course at Kent State and doing a newsletter project for the Baldwin-Wallace College Business Division. I was the fulltime Reuters correspondent in Cleveland from 1994-97; was with Fairchild Publications Cleveland bureau 1979-88; otherwise have been freelancing.

I'm not married -- no kids, just two dogs and two cats.

I always appreciate getting your e-mail list -- have gotten in touch with a couple of people through it. So thanks for your good work!

Susan Zimmerman
2094 West Blvd.
Cleveland OH 44102
fax 216-651-3513
e-mail zimwrite1

Note from Don Gresock's sister

Dear Friends and Family:

Thank you so very much for all of your prayers, kind words, floral arrangements, Mass intentions, and expressions of sympathy you sent to our family. They were most consoling in our time of sorrow. I know Don would have been embarrassed by all of the accolades sent his way via the internet.

The Funeral Mass was beautiful, with many members of his family taking an active part in it. A long line of cars was escorted by four Officers of the San Antonio Police Motorcycle Division to his final resting place in the peaceful and serene military cemetery at Fort Sam Houston.

May our Lord bless all of you during this Christmas season. Thank you again.

Patricia Gresock Brunner
Houston, Texas

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Obit for Joseph Locke, composing retiree

Joseph B. Locke

Joseph B. Locke, 80, passed away Dec. 12, 2004.

He was born Sept. 16, 1924, in Altoona, Pa. Joseph served in the 1st Division of the U.S. Marine Corps in the South Pacific during World War II, retired from the Akron Beacon Journal, was a member of St. Francis De Sales Church and Coventry AARP, and volunteered at St. Bernard's, serving meals.

Joseph was preceded in death by his son, William; parents, Blair and Genieve; brothers, James and William. He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Dolores; sons, John (Connie), Robert (Janie), Richard (Mari lyn), Joseph (Karla), and Thomas; daughters, Kathleen (Larry) Hollingsworth and Carole (Robert) Mills; 19 grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren, many nieces and nephews.

Friends may call at the Bacher Funeral Home, 3326 Man chester Rd., TODAY from 4 to 8 p.m. Mass of Christian Burial will be held Wednesday at 10 a.m at St. Francis De Sales Church. Interment at Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, dona tions may be made to St. Fran cis De Sales School, 4009 Manchester Rd., Akron, Ohio 44319, in memory of Joseph. Funeral home map, directions, and the Locke Family condolence book are available at
(Bacher, 330-644-0024.)
[Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, Ohio, Tuesday, December 14, 2004, page B6, col. 6]

Harry Liggett Notes: Locke started working at the Beacon in 1952 and retired from the composing rooom in 1983. The home address for those who might like to mail cards is:
Locke Family
896 Pearlman Road
Akron, OH 44319

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Opening night at Greystone

Former Beacon Journal TV critic Mark Dawidziak, his wife, Sara Showman, and retired Stow High School teacher Tom Stephan
celebrated the opening night of “A Christmas Carol” on Friday, December 10, at the Greystone Theatre in the former Masonic building in downtown Akron. It was the first of several presenations planned by Mark and Sara’s Most Literary Theatre Company. Mark wrote the adaptation of the Charles Dickens' classic, is the narrator and plays several roles. Sara plays more than a dozen roles. Check the October archives for a Beacon Journal story on this creative effort.

Incidentallly, former BJ types Cindy Bach and Carol Eubanks are involved in events at the Greystone building

Suffering golfers in Florida

Retired BJ printer Terry Dray and wife, Cecily, who live in Avon Park, FL, not far from Kiissimmee Lake, suffered through three of the four Florida hurricanes that blew through Avon Park. They lost only one orange tree although another was damaged, but they were up to seven days without power.

There can be problems other than hurricanes, though, Cecily writes in an e-mail from Avon Park:

We just finished remodeling the kitchen and carpeting the whole house. We spent 8 weeks with the stove and refrigerator in the living room. It was like living thru another hurricane...only with air conditioning.

Terry continues to play golf 7 days a week and I "play at it" 3 days a week. We are well and hope you have a wonderful Christmas season.

Best wishes, Terry & Cecily

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Greetings from Marge Englehart

Greetings written on a Christmas card from Marge Englehart, widow of the late State Editor Pat Englehart, 93 Ashland Ave., Bedford, VA 24523:

I’m most content here at the Elks... I’ve been here a year (how fast the time goes).

I golf, bowl, play bridge, etc. (none with any expertise).

My best to you and your family. Keep in touch.

Love, Marge

[Liggett note: Patrick T. Englehart died Sunday, October 29, 1995 in Ocala, Florida]

Catching up with Mary Grace Poidomani

A number of BJ types have asked “What is Mary Grace doing?” My query prompted this e-mail response from her:

I didn't mean to have been so scarce, life has been keeping busier than usual lately.

I am working as a paralegal for a four (soon to be six) -lawyer firm in Highland Hills after receiving my post-degree certificate from Tri-C and have applied to Marshall Law School at CSU for special student status. That would let me take courses as I want and as seats are available, rather than getting a formal (and very expensive) law degree. I do an extraordinary amount of legal research and writing; it's almost like reading the law in days of old. I really love the work.

Otherwise, I'm waiting to close the sale of my condominium in Broadview Heights. For now, I've taken an apartment in Parma [6134 Stumph Road #108, Parma 44130; 440-743-0472], although I've been spending quite a bit of time at my Mom's. She had carpal tunnel and cataract surgery. She's almost 84, but otherwise going strong.

I hope your visit means Polly is doing better. I was sorry to read about Hal Fry.

I still miss you, Tom, Don, Lilley and a few others; I haven't missed the Beacon Journal one little bit.

I would very much like to see you and other old friends once the holidays are over.

Mary Grace

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

It's a tie again at retirees lunch

The score was still tied 7-7 for the monthly retirees lunch at Papa Joe’s restaurant on Wednesday (Dec 8) with seven printers, seven news types and no women. But there were two more retirees attending than in November. It has not been determined who is scaring the women away.

If you are wondering why there are no photos of printers above, it is because they had their backs to the camera and were cropped out. Tom Moore, not a printer, was the photographer.

There were a couple of extras on each side. Dick Gresock and Ray Wolfe added to the printers’ total which included old standbys Calvin Deshong, Al Hunsicker, Carl Nelson, Gcene McClellan and Robert Pell

The two extras on the news side were Bill Canterbury and Sandy Levenson. Tom Moore took the place of John Olesky who attended in November but was absent this month. Others at the lunch were Don Bandy, Art Cullison, Tim Hayes and Harry Liggett. Don Roese does not count because he only popped in for a coupld of minutes and left without lunch.

Hope to see you there in the new year.January 12. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Don Gresock Obituary

Don Gresock

Donald W. Gresock

Born in Akron, OH on Feb. 23, 1930
Died Dec. 5, 2004 and resided in San Antonio, TX.
Visitation: Saturday Dec. 11, 2004 at 5 p.m. at Porter Loring Mortuary, North Loop 1604 East San Antonio, TX 78232
Rosary: Sunday Dec. 12, 2004 at 7 p.m. Porter Loring Chapel
Mass: Monday Dec. 13, 2004 at 10 a.m. at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, 10702 Wurzbach Road, San Antonio, TX 78230
Funeral Home: Porter Loring Mortuary North Loop 1604 East San Antonio, TX 78232
Cemetery: Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, 1520 Harry Wurzbach, San Antonio, TX 78209
Burial: Monday, Dec. 13, 2004

Donald W. Gresock, age 74, of San Antonio, TX, passed away Sunday, December 5, 2004.

Originally from Akron, Ohio, Donald worked at the Akron Beacon Journal from 1957 to 1978.

He was a Charter Member and past President of the National Council of Corvette Clubs, Inc. He was also a member of the International Order of Alhambra Bejar 56 and VFW Post 9603.

He is survived by his wife, Alice G. Gresock; children, Catherine Bartlow and husband Richard, Julie Walsh, Frank Walsh and wife, Regina, Stephen Walsh and Brian Walsh; 12 grandchildren; 7 great-grandchildren; brother, Richard Gresock and wife, Lorraine; sister, Patricia Brunner and husband, Richard; and numerous nieces and nephews.

E-mail from Don'’s Sister:

Dear Friends:

Details for Don's funeral can be found at the following website:

[There are links to maps and directions at this site and condolences can be left in the Guest Book on the site.]

A group of rooms has been blocked off at the Hampton Inn_Six Flags, 11010 IH_10 West @ Huebner Road, San Antonio, Tx. 78230. under the Code: GRE for the nights of Dec. 11 & 12.

Please call the Inn at 210-561-9058 by Thursday night at 10 p.m. to reserve your preference. Price is $69 plus tax, $80.56.

Thank you for your prayers and condolences.
Pat Gresock Brunner
281-296-9099 Posted by Hello

Sidebar Editor wants suggestions

This is an e-mail from Hot Type/Sidebar editor Kathleen Kochanski

Dec. 7, 2004

Dear Beacon Journal Retirees,

We know it's important to you to receive an updated list of your retired colleagues' addresses during the holiday season. To receive that list electronically, send your e-mail address to:

I am exploring ways to share news about the Beacon Journal with its growing group of retirees. I'm hoping you can help me by sharing your thoughts about the following ideas under consideration:

+ Compiling a database of retirees' e-mail addresses for timely communication about important developments. (You can help by sending me your e-mail address.)

+ E-mailing weekly copies of Hot Type.

+ Setting up a Web site for staff members and retirees that would be updated regularly with information about new hires, retirements, births and feature stories about current and former staff members -- sort of an "e-Sidebar," if you will.

+ Linking the Web site to an online photo album for posting pictures of Beacon Journal events, retirees' activities, etc.

+ Embedding e-mail into the Web site to encourage instant feedback from retirees.

Please give me your thoughts about these and other ideas. You can give me a call, write to me at the Beacon Journal (44 E. Exchange St., 44309), or send me an e-mail. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

I wish you joy and peace this holiday season!


Kathleen Kochanski
Hot Type/Sidebar editor

Monday, December 06, 2004

Don Gresock dies

E-mail from sister of Don Gresock, BJ retiree of San Antonio, TX:

Dear Friends: Our Lord took Don into Heaven tonight after a very peaceful passing. Thank you all for your concerns and prayers.

Funeral arrangements are being made by Porter Loring Mortuary North, 2102 North Loop 1604 East, San Antonio, Tx. 78232. 210-495-8221

Viewing times and funeral Mass time at St. Matthews Catholic Church are to be determined; most likely Thurs. Dec. 9 and Fri. Dec. 10.

Pat Gresock Brunner
Houston, Texas

See photo of Don below

Saturday, December 04, 2004

A visit with Polly Paffilas

Don Bandy and I visited Polly Paffilas on Saturday afternoon, December 4, at The Ledges at Rockynol. She has been at Rockynol since her dismissal from Akron General Medical Center where she was admitted November 11 in serious condition.

Although confined to a wheelchair, Polly looked very good and seemed every bit her own good self. Her faithful cat Harvey had to stay behind at her apartment but someone is caring for the feline. Polly does not know how long she will be at Rockynol, but she will be getting dialysis.

Bandy had to rummage through her things to find a replacement for a weak battery in her pocket radio. She enjoys the music on WKSU.

When talk got around to the BJ, as it sometimes will, Polly pulled out an old newspaper section containing what she described as the best story she had ever written. Polly once took a ride with A. J. Foyt and wrote about it, but her best story, she says, was the obit for her dog, the unsinkable Molly Brown–her companion for 14 years. You can read the story and see a photo of her that was poorly reproduced from a scan of the newspaper.

Just click on the headline above.

We talked about old-time Beacon Journal types and all three of us had difficulty remembering all your names. Polly was happy to hear from a number of you either from cards sent via e-mail to the hospital or by USPS.

You can send cards to:

Polly Paffilas
Room 208
The Ledges at Rockynol
1150 W. Market St.
Akron, OH 44310
Or you can telephone Polly’s room (330) 835-5468

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Late note on Guild Party

A Late note from Charles Montague on Guild Party:

Hi, Harry. I know this is short notice, but they only just asked me (and I didn't think of it myself), but the Guild Christmas party is Friday at 7

p.m. at the Printers Club, featuring homemade food, beverages (alcoholic and non), readings of the Ann Hill and Mark Schlueb letters and the annual skit,
and all retirees and spouses or guests are invited, no charge. Could you put this out to the Guild retirees on your ``tree,'' or on the
blog? Thanks very much. I hope things are going well for you. My best.
Chas. Montague

Don Gresock moved to hospice

Don Gresock

Update on Don Gresock from his sister, Pat:

Today, Nov. 30, Don Gresock was transferred to VITAS Healthcare of Texas, 5430 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio, Texas 78229, Room 351. This is a hospice facility and (son) Brian Walsh said Don is comfortable.

The calm and peaceful surroundings will aid Don during the next stage of his life. Thank you for your prayers.

Pat Gresock Brunner>
Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Robert Goshorn obituary

Robert Goshorn

Robert Goshorn, 48, passed away Nov. 24, 2004.

Born Aug. 21, 1956, in Co lumbus, Ohio, he was in the U.S. Navy, had a great love for tennis, was a musician, and had worked for the Akron Beacon Journal.

[Bob was in data processing]

Preceded in death by father, Robert Goshorn, and stepbroth er, James Phillips, he is sur vived by mother and stepfather, Nettie and Jay Phillips; brother, Victor Goshorn; stepbrothers, Steven (Jodi) Phillips and John Phillips; stepsister, Marilyn (Mark) Gordon; stepsister-in-law, Linda Bryant; god child, Shannon Shontz-Phillips; and nieces, Gwenn Bresslauer and Morgan Phillips.

Funeral services will be Friday, Dec. 3, 2004, at 12:30 p.m., at First Presbyterian Church of Barberton, 636 W. Park Ave., Barberton, Dr. Reford Nash officiating. Burial at Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery. The family will receive friends Thursday, Dec. 2, 2004, from 6 to 8 p.m., at Cox Funeral Home, 222 Norton Ave., Bar berton, and also one hour prior to the funeral at the church. Memorials may be made in his memory to the First Presbyterian Church of Barberton's soup kitchen. (COX, BARBERTON, 330-745-3311.)
[Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, Ohio, Wednesday, December 1, 2004, page B6, col.5]

Friday, November 26, 2004

Gresock suffers another stroke

E-mail message from Brian Walsh, Don Gresock’s son:

This is Brian Walsh, Don Gresock's son in San Antonio. Don suffered another stroke last Friday, the 19th. He is in St. Luke's Hospital Room 228B. He is unable to speak, or move his body but is aware of who may be arround him.

I can be reached at 210-478-6537 or at

I will try to stay in touch.

This e-mail received Saturday, Nov. 27, from Don's sister:

Hello: I am Don's sister from Houston and I wanted to give you an update on his health. Don suffered a stroke on Oct. 27, which paralyzed his left side. He was being rehabilitated and making progress when another stroke hit him on Nov. 19. This one was more serious and there is not much hope for recovery now. He needs your prayers.

Don has many friends and I am sure I am missing some names and addresses. You may pass the word along to others who may know him. This is a very difficult time for all of us. Feel free to write me for more information and I will keep you up to date.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Pat Gresock Brunner

Cards may be sent to:

Don Gresock
3319 Clearfield
San Antonio, Texas 78231

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

John Olesky after 8 years of retirement

John Olesky, a journalism graduate of West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV, shows his school spirit in a sweatshirt during a recent luncheon of Beacon Journal retirees at Papa Joe's Restaurant in the Valley and relaxes at the poolside patio at his Morrison Ave. home in Cuyahoga Falls. John came to the Beacon Journal in 1969 from the Dayton Daily News where he was employed for 11 years. He signed off as editor of Channels and television news at the BJ in June, 1996. His wife, the former Monia Elizabeth "Monnie" Turkette, died February 4, 2004. Monnie was an ardent WVU fan who was honored posthumously by university alumni. Monnie met John on a baseball field in Williamson, WV, when John was sports editor and later city editor of the Williamson Daily News. Their children are LaQuita Timberlake of Aurora, John Larry Olesky of Tallmadge and Monnie Ann Johnston of Brunswick.
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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Note from Maxine in Florida

A note from Maxine Lozier in Ft. Myers, Florida:

It's nice to know that people still ask about you. I miss all the nice people I knew at the BJ and wish I could have lunch with you all every month. Maybe some day I'll get back before I'm too old to travel.

Ted and I sold our home (during the hurricanes). We were amazed but grateful. He bought most of our furniture too. Ted is on oxygen most of the time so we decided it was time to move to a senior citizens development. We have a great apartment on the NW corner, twelve stories up. Beautiful view on the Caloosahatachee River. Sunsets are great.

I still play golf and bridge. Ted had to give up golf, but, if I twist his arm, he will play bridge.We've had a good life and are happy. I have to tell you, I lived all my life in the Akron area until we moved to Florida ten years ago so my heart will always be there with you all.

Maxine & Ted Lozier
2525 E. First Street
Fort Myers, Fl 33901
Tel: 239--332-2557

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Hal Fry classified obit

Halleck Duncan Fry Jr.

Hal Fry, 86, died Nov. 13, 2004, after a long bout with Alzheimer's disease.

He was born Oct. 14, 1918, in Washington, D.C., the son of Halleck D. Fry Sr., and Evelyn (Olds) Fry. He also lived in Maryland, New Jersey, West Virginia, and New York City before attending the University of Michigan. He served in World War II, where he received the Legion of Merit for his work with photo reconnaissance. Following the war, he returned to Owosso, Mich., to his work as a newspaper reporter. While in Owosso, he met and married Anne King. Hal and Anne moved to Akron in 1949, where he went to work at the Akron Beacon Journal. He was a reporter, feature writer, and editor. He retired as an editorial writer in 1983. He received the John S. Knight Award for journalism in 1984. In retirement, he edited several books, wrote a "History of Rubber" for Rubber World magazine, and wrote "Publish It!", a history of the Akron Beacon Journal, on the occasion of the paper's 150th anniversary. Hal lavished love on his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. He devoted over a decade to the care of his beloved Anne as she suffered the ravages of Alzheimer's disease.

Hal was preceded in death by Anne, his wife of 55 years; a son, Patrick Duncan; his parents; and his sister, Scot (Fry) Cisco of Albuquerque, N.M. He is survived by his children, Jonathan Bradford Fry (Kathy) of Oak Park, Ill., Robert Marvin Fry, (Kathy) of Worcester, Mass., Christopher Martin Fry (Dottie Watson) of Melville, N.Y., Elizabeth Ann Fry Connelly (Mike) of Akron, and Michael Donoho Fry, (Suzanne) of Lebanon, Pa. Hal also leaves 17 grandchildren and 12 great- grandchildren.

The family will be forever grateful to the loving caregivers of Senior Independence Adult Day Care, and Sunrise Assisted Living of Bath.

Fry donated his body to NEOUCOM; hence, no burial will take place. A memorial service will be held on Friday, Nov. 26, 2004, at Church of Our Savior, 471 Crosby St. Visitation will be held 1 to 3 p.m., with a service at 3 p.m. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Falls Cancer Club (330-929-2796), the Alzheimer's Association (330-864-5456), or to a charity of your choice.

Please sign the guest book at

[Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, Ohio, Wednesday, November 17, 2004, page B6, col. 2]

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Hal Fry dies

Ex-Beacon staffer dies at 86

Hal Fry remembered for his intellect; wrote book about newspaper

By Elbert Starks III
Beacon Journal staff writer
Hal Fry, a longtime Beacon Journal editorial writer and newsroom editor described as a brilliant wordsmith, died Saturday at an assisted-living home in Bath Township.

He was 86.

Fry, who retired from the Beacon Journal in 1983 after 34 years of service, was part of the team that won the Pulitzer Prize for the newspaper's coverage of the shootings at Kent State University in 1970.

He also wrote a book, published in 1989, titled ``Print it!'' 150 Years of The Akron Beacon Journal, which detailed various highlights and important events in the newspaper's history.

``He was gifted with his hands and his mind and his heart,'' said his daughter, Elizabeth A. Connelly.

She said her father, a University of Michigan graduate, was fluent in four languages and spoke at least seven.

Connelly said her father enjoyed teaching courses at the University of Akron and at Kent State University, where he stressed principles such as precision and conciseness.

``Hal was probably the brightest person I ever met. I don't recall a subject ever coming up that he didn't know something about,'' said Chuck Ayers, a former editorial cartoonist for the Beacon Journal.

``He was the most incredible person. He was a great guy.... He was kind of like a father, sort of like that, to a lot of people down there. If you ever had a question, you went to Hal. If you were smart, you went to him first.''

Fry's book was described in the Beacon Journal ``as an illustration about the buildings (the newspaper) occupied, the presses on which it was published, the editors and employees who shaped it.'' It also highlighted the changing ways of newsmaking and newsgathering.

Fry also liked to travel, Connelly said, and he ``built two huge additions to the family home in Cuyahoga Falls.''

His wife, Anne, died in 1998. The two were married for 55 years. Fry is survived by five children, 17 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

The family is planning a memorial service.

Elbert Starks III can be reached at 330-996-3640 or

[Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, Ohio, Tuesday, November 16, 2004, page B8, col. 1]

Leave comment below Posted by Hello

Monday, November 15, 2004

Hal Fry death

News flash from Sarah Vradenburg:

Just got news that Hal Fry died Saturday at Sunrise Assisted Living in Montrose. His

daughter is Betsy Connelly. His body has been donated to NEOUCOM and services are
planned for the Friday after Thanksgiving at Church of our Savior in Akron.

Details as they become available.


Saturday, November 13, 2004

Polly Paffilas in hospital

E-mail from Nancy Bonar:
Polly Paffilas was admitted Thursday afternoon through ER to Akron General Medical Center. More high "spikes" for various parts of body, diseases than before. Friday pm: now in "Progressive Intensive Care." Is hoped to move her to private room tomorrow. Polly has worked so hard to be able to be self-sufficient, mostly in order to be in her home with her beautiful white cat, Harvey. Should Polly make it out of AGMC, will probably be to an assisted living facility. Maybe Harvey could be facility's on premise cat, as is done in area nursing homes? In the mean while, prayers for Polly's comfort and wishes. She is an "icon" in my life. NANCY Nancy Y. Bonar, APR Medina, OH

Harry Liggett Notes:

Polly suffered from high blood glucose levels (diabetes) and a urinary tract infection. She has been moved into her own room. I called her today (Saturday) and she sounded happy to receive the call. I had became concerned about Polly when I called her apartment Thursday and got no answer. I called Nancy Bonar and asked her to check. She sent me e-mail that Polly had been admitted..

I hope you will say a prayer for Polly and send her best wishes for recovery.

Polly Paffilas
Room 4101 Akron General Medical Center
Tel. (direct to her room) 330-344-2456
Tel. (patient info) 330-344-6100

To send Polly an electronic greeting card that will be delivered to her room, go to:

Home address:
900 W. Market St. #503
Akron, OH 44313.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Phone chat with Charlotte Earll

BJ composing room retiree Charlotte Earll had a malignant melanoma in the groin area removed. Charlotte told me in a phone conversation that doctors believe they got it all, but she will get further treatment. She was to go to Cleveland Clinic on Thursday (Nov. 11) to get clamps removed and will return the following Thursday for a checkup. Charlotte retired in 1990. She no longer sings in the Sweet Adelines, but does sing in the church choir when she can. She said she hopes to attend the next Beacon Journal Retirees luncheon.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Tom at work in Florida

Tom Moore with Hobbs, the Hobbs Baseball mascot Posted by Hello

Tom Moore is in Fort Myers, Florida, for two weeks doing some writing...and a few other things...whatever needs to be done for another BJ type Tom Giffen at the Roy Hobbs Baseball World Series. This photo shows Moore with Giffen's dog, the mascot of Roy Hobbs Baseball wich is primarily an organization geared to 30-and-over competition for people who love the game of baseball and have determined that anyone, any age, can play the greatest of America's team sports. If you are really that interested go to

Printer vs. Editorial standoff at lunch

Editorial types 5
Printers 5
Women 0

That was the attendance score at the November 10, 2004 BJ Retirees lunch at Papa Joe's in the Valley. Printers attending were Calvin Deshong, Al Hunsicker, Gene McClellan, Carl Nelson and Robert Pell. Editorial types were Don Bandy, Art Cullison, Tim Hayes, Harry Liggett and John Olesky. There were no women present. Printers are more regular attenders it seems. Bandy, Liggett and Olesky were there for the first time in months.

I f you have forgotten what they look like, click on the headline above to go to a photo album.
Click on individual photos to enlarge. Oops! Cullison left before the shooting started so there is no photo of him.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

KR announces management changes

SAN JOSE, Nov. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Knight Ridder Chairman and CEO Tony Ridder announced today a reorganization of the company's senior management that included these changes:

Art Brisbane, currently president & publisher of The Kansas City Star, and Hilary Schneider, currently president and CEO of Knight Ridder Digital (KRD), will become senior vice presidents of the company. Steve Rossi, currently, president of the Newspaper Division, will become the senior vice president/CFO. All three will report to Tony Ridder.

In the new structure, Brisbane and Schneider will share responsibilities for Knight Ridder's Newspaper Division. The vice presidents for News, Circulation and Production will report to Brisbane. The vice president for Marketing will report to Schneider. The Vice President for Technology will report jointly to Schneider and to Tony Ridder.

Newspapers in Philadelphia, Kansas City, Fort Worth, Charlotte and St. Paul will report to Brisbane. Newspapers in San Jose, Contra Costa, Miami, Detroit, Akron and Lexington will report to Schneider.

Brisbane will have oversight of the company's 17 mid-sized and small markets. Newspapers in those markets will continue to report to Vice President/Operations Mac Tully. Schneider will have oversight of KRD and its partnerships (e.g. CareerBuilder, CrossMedia Services).

Tony Ridder said, "This is excellent news for Knight Ridder. Three unusually talented individuals will fill three of the most critical positions in our company.

"Art Brisbane has been an outstanding publisher in every respect since he assumed the job in Kansas City seven years ago. He has extensive newsroom background, including five years as executive editor of the Kansas City Star. With his current position, he has added a wide range of operational knowledge and an estimable record of community involvement to his experience. All of this, combined with the wide respect he already enjoys throughout the company, will enable him to hit the ground running in this greatly expanded role.

"Hilary Schneider has done a first-rate job with KRD, rapidly expanding its revenue, reach and profitability, while simultaneously moving it in a variety of new directions. She spent her early years in investment banking, later moving to Times-Mirror, where she became general manager of The Baltimore Sun. Subsequently, she was CEO of Red Herring Magazine. It's a range of experience that positions her exceptionally well to understand the challenges of communications in the 21st century.

"Steve Rossi has led our Newspaper Division with skill and vision during the most difficult period for the newspaper advertising economy in memory. His capacity for organizational and strategic thinking are in large part responsible for an expanded corporate marketing function and much-improved data reporting, among many contributions. Steve's outstanding analytical abilities, combined with more than 17 years of operational experience, ensure that he will be an exceptionally strong CFO."

The changes are effective Jan. 1.

Knight Ridder is the nation's second-largest newspaper publisher, with products in print and online. The company publishes 31 daily newspapers in 28 U.S. markets, with a readership of 8.7 million daily and 12.6 million Sunday. Knight Ridder also has investments in a variety of Internet and technology companies and two newsprint companies. The company's Internet operation, Knight Ridder Digital, develops and manages the company's online properties. It is the founder and operator of Real Cities ( ), the largest national network of city and regional Web sites in more than 100 U.S. markets. Knight Ridder and Knight Ridder Digital are headquartered in San Jose, Calif.

CONTACT: Vice President/Corporate Relations, Polk Laffoon,+1-408-938-7838, or, or Director/CorporateCommunications, Lee Ann Schlatter, +1-408-938-7839,, all of Knight Ridder

Web site:

Carl K. "Red" Nestor Jr. obit

Carl K. "Red" Nestor Posted by Hello

Carl K. Nestor Jr., 68, passed away suddenly Nov. 8, 2004, after a short illness.

Carl retired from the Akron Beacon Journal after 33 years of service.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Carl and Clarice (Root) Nestor, and his sister, Rutheda Glaspbill. Carl is survived by his loving wife of 45 years, Rhea; sons, Jeff and Wesley (Linda) Nestor; daughters, Aleta (Jason) Hahn and Sharon (Rich) Lemmon; two grandchildren, Brendan and Emily; his twin sister, Ellen Dixon, and sister, Betty Pekar.

At his request, there will be no services. Cremation has taken place. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to the Humane Society of Greater Akron, 4904 Quick Rd., Peninsula, Ohio 44264. (ADAMS-MA SON, 330-535-9186.)

Please sign the guest book at

[Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, Ohio, Wednesday, November 10, 2004, page B7, col. 1]

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

News briefs from Guild Reporter

MercNews unions in expedited talks
The five unions at the San Jose Mercury News, including the Guild, agreed Oct. 6 to start expedited negotiations with the hope of reaching agreements by the end of the year. If successful, the “limited issue” bargaining would mean that most of the current contracts would remain unchanged beyond the expiration date of 2006.

More outsourcing of classified ads
Following a growing industry trend, the Philadelphia News and Inquirer and the San Jose Mercury News have said they might outsource some classified telephone sales in Classified Plus so they can have around-the-clock coverage. Based in Williamsville, NY, Classified Plus already has contracts with the Miami Herald, the Detroit News and Free Press and the Los Angeles Times.

Reuters to further boost offshoring
Reuters demonstrated an even more aggressive approach to offshoring by announcing it will shift 55% of its data operations to India, where it will add 860 workers by the end of next year. The decision means the loss of 450 jobs at other Reuters centers around the world, although it’s not clear at this time how many Guild-represented jobs may be affected.

Internet help for tracking lost jobs
Working America and the AFL-CIO have developed an online “Jog Tracker” that permits users to find out which companies are exporting jobs by company name or zip code. The site is at

Monday, November 08, 2004

Report on Don Gresock

This report is via e-mail from Robert Pell
I talked with Don Gresock's stepson this afternoon and he told me that Don's

left side was paralized and he could not walk unassisted. He said Don would
be in therapy for at least six weeks, if I understood correctly, and as of
now he cannot walk unassisted. Brother Dick Gresock has been there for a
while but possibly will start back to Ohio tomorrow.
I asked him about his mother and he said they were going to have to make
some unpleasant changes but he would try to make them as pleasant as
possible. Although he did not say it outright, it looks like a nursing home
for her... and possibly both of them for a while.
It's "fun" getting old ~Bob

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Anthony Aquino obit

Anthony Aquino

Anthony Salvatore Aquino died of natural causes in Richmond, Va., on October 3, 2004.

Preceding him in death was his wife, Dorothy Cecilia Aquino. He is survived by his son, Charles Anthony Aquino; daughter-in-law, Anna Galusha Aquino; and his grandsons, Andrew Charles Aquino and Adam Anthony Aquino. He is also survived by his sister, Rosemary Severns and her family of Tallmadge, Ohio and his sister, Dolores Paul and her family of Portage, Michigan.

Anthony was born in Akron, Ohio in 1923. He was employed by the Akron Beacon Journal for most of his professional career. During the 1960s and 1970s he worked tirelessly in the labor union movement as an advocate for workers' rights compensation.

He will be missed by his loved ones.

Please sign the guest book at

[Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, Ohio, Sunday, November 7, 2004, page B8]

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Don Gresock suffers stroke

Beacon retiree Don Gresock of San Antonio, Texas, suffered a stroke about noon Wednesday while working in his garage. His brother, Dick, said Don somehow got into the house, called a relative and was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital in San Antonio where he is in intensive care. Dick said his brother had paralysis on the left side, affecting his left arm and hand and could not raise his left leg. However, he was able to call his brother and also called Bob Pell in Wadswoth. Don, now 74, took early retirement.
Don Gresock, 3319 Clearfield, San Antonio, TX 78230 E-mail:

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Neil Sheinen in hospital

BJ mail room employe R. Neil Sheinen is in Akron City Hospital recovering from a single bypass open heart surgery on Monday. Sheinen joined the BJ in August 1984 and worked for a while in sports before joining the mail room. Call patient information at 330-375-3131.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Purloined from Hot Type

Items grabbed from Hot Type, the BJ online company newslettter:

Eight to be honored in Creativity Annual
The work of eight newsroom staff members will appear in the prestigious Creativity Annual, a publication recognizing outstanding art and design internationally.
Two Beacon Journal works won gold medals. Dennis Balogh and Edna Jakubowski won for illustration and page design in the Art/Illustration category for a center spread on Aretha Franklin in Enjoy magazine. Rick Steinhauser won a gold medal in the same category for his illustration of the Rock Hall’s Class of 2004.
Deborah Kauffman Barry was honored for her design work on last year's special section honoring the Akron Zoo's anniversary. Phil Masturzo shot the photographs for the section. Rick Brinson won for his design work on an infographic, "Blossom in bloom again," which mapped out the renovations and updating at Blossom Music Center.
An editorial design award went to Tim Good, Dennis Balogh and Phil Masturzo for their efforts on a Health section front about hormone replacement diets.
Dennis Balogh also won for his illustrations of the Tri-City Jazz Fest and REM coming to Cleveland, both of which appeared in Enjoy magazine.
Kathy Hagedorn was honored for her illustration of the Dixie Chicks in Enjoy magazine.

Road Runner Akron Marathon postscript
Several staff members were among the thousands who ran in the Oct. 2 Road Runner Akron Marathon. Participating on Beacon Blasters, a co-ed relay team, were Dan Belford, advertising; Cathy Harbert, advertising; Steve Hoffman, newsroom; team captain John Russell, newsroom, and his running buddy, Peter Horwitz. The team finished in a total time of 3 hours, 29 minutes and 3 seconds, coming in 27th out of 324 co-ed relay teams.
Denny Gordon, newsroom ran in the male relay division with a group of friends that included former staff members Mike Jewell, Greg Maibach and Eric Sandstrom. Their team, Ten Feet High, finished in 3 hours, 20 minutes and 26 seconds, good enough for 29th place out of 95 male relay teams, said Gordon. Katie Byard, newsroom, ran on a co-ed relay team called Lords and Ladies of the Library. The group finished in 4 hours, 40 minutes and 41 seconds, placing 297th out of 324.

KSU names Nancy Whitehead recipient of 2004 Service Award

Kent State University has named Nancy Whitehead, classified advertising manager, the recipient of a 2004 Service Award. The KSU School of Journalism and Mass Communica-tion (JMC) and Friends of JMC present the award jointly. The entities base their selection on a nominee’s service to the school.. Whitehead received the 2004 Service Award at a homecoming brunch on Saturday, Oct. 16.
Her most recent service to the school was to establish the Nancy E. Whitehead Scholarship to help prepare future journalists and advertising professionals. The scholarship will be worth $10,000 once it’s endowed. The contributions she makes toward that end are matched in part by Knight Ridder. She and her husband, Tom, live in Kent with their two children, Allison, 20, who is majoring in education at Ohio State University, and Neale, 13.

Lorraine G. Grace obit

Lorraine is the daughter of the late BJ artist Joe Grace

Lorraine G. Grace

CUYAHOGA FALLS Lorraine G. Grace, 50, passed away Oct. 24, 2004.

Lorraine Grace was born in Akron, Ohio, and had resided most of her life in Cuyahoga Falls. She was a 1972 graduate of Cuyahoga Falls High School, graduated from Akron City School of Nursing in 1975, and was employed as a nurse for Summa Home Care. She was a member of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Cuyahoga Falls.

Preceded in death by her parents, Theresa and Joseph Grace, and twin brother, Lawrence, she is survived by her sisters, Mary Ann Grace of Stow and Patricia (Patrick) Grubbs of Cambridge; sister-in-law, Linda Grace of Cuyahoga Falls; nieces and nephews, Lawrence Loh man, John Lohman, Thomas Grubbs, Anne Grubbs, Steven Prough, and Jamie Zook; great-nieces and -nephews, Elizabeth Grace Lohman, Tracey Lohman, Collin Grubbs, Michael Prough, and Matthew Zook.

Friends may call from 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday at the Clifford- Shoemaker Funeral Home, 1930 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls. A Mass of Christian Burial will be conducted at 9 a.m. Thursday at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Cuyahoga Falls. Inurnment at Holy Cross Cemetery. The family suggests memorials to Hospice of Summa, P.O. Box 2090, Akron, Ohio 44398-9976, in her memory. (CLIFFORD-SHOEMAKER, 330- 928-2147.)
Please sign the guest book at

[Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, Ohio, Tuesday, October 26, 2004, page B8, col. 2

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Roland Queen dead at 59

Roland Queen Posted by Hello

Retired Akron sportswriter
leaves legacy of excellence

Roland Queen, who
covered both students
and pros, dead at 59

By Marilyn Miller
Beacon Journal staff writer
Roland Queen loved most everything about sports. It was his passion and immeasurable drive that made him one of Ohio's most-respected sportswriters.

Mr. Queen, a Washington, D.C., native, began his 22-year career with the Akron Beacon Journal in 1977. He retired in 1999, leaving a legacy of excellence that inspired his colleagues.

Mr. Queen, 59, died late Thursday night after a lengthy and courageous battle with bone cancer.

Perhaps no one understood the intricacies of a game quite like Mr. Queen, his friends recalled. He possessed an uncanny knack for simplifying complex game strategies, enabling him to connect with his readers. More importantly, Mr. Queen knew how to connect with people.

``He could befriend anybody. He made friends wherever we went. He had a good heart,'' said his son, David Queen, a police officer in Washington.

``He taught me not to judge people. That if you respect and love people, they will do the same in return,'' said his daughter, Tamara Queen, a senior at Miami University in Oxford. ``He was personable, loving, caring, compassionate and sincere.''

Mr. Queen had a soothing demeanor and an endearing personality that made him a beloved figure long after he left the Beacon Journal. Friends said he was loved by people of all walks of life. Color had no boundaries with him.

``He cared more about other people than he did himself. I literally saw him give the shirt off his back and the last $10 in his pocket to someone in need,'' said golf buddy Mike Simon of Akron. ``He was a good friend. He listened well and always had something encouraging to say.''

Mr. Queen, who studied journalism at Kent State University and was a star basketball player in the U.S. Army, had no boundaries as a writer. His editors trusted him with myriad beats: Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Barons, Cleveland Force, the University of Akron.

``He approached what he did as a calling,'' said former Beacon Journal Sports Editor Tom Giffen. ``He had high standards for himself, whether he was writing about pee-wee football or a pro beat. He didn't know anybody he didn't like. He treated the seventh-grader with the same respect as the pro football player.''

The athletes and coaches admired him, too. He developed a lasting relationship with the likes of former Akron and current University of Cincinnati basketball coach Bobby Huggins.

``Roland was always very fair, and he cared about the people he covered,'' Huggins said.

Most athletes and coaches respected Mr. queen's opinions, in part, because he played the games. He had no greater passion than golf. He toiled at the game, trying to find the perfect swing. He was a grinder, who kept plugging away hole after hole, round after round.

`` `Why do I love this game,' he asked himself repeatedly,'' recalled Ralph Paulk, also a former Beacon Journal sportswriter. ``The answer was simple, really. He loved a challenge. He loved the game. Roland approached golf just as he did life and work.''

``He always strived to be a better golfer, a better person and a better writer,'' Paulk said. ``When I arrived at the Beacon Journal, Roland and (the late Beacon Journal sportswriter) Milan Zban taught me the ropes. Roland could be brutally honest in his critique, but it never overshadowed his compassion for others. He never hesitated to tell those close to him how much he loved them.''

Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Monday following family visitation at 12:30 p.m. at the Rhoden funeral home, 1101 Palmetto Ave.

Marilyn Miller can be reached at 330-996-3098 or 800-777-7232 or

[Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, Ohio, Saturday, October 23, 2004, page B7, col. 3]

Friday, October 22, 2004

Fitzpatrick wins award

Ex-Beacon Journal editor wins award

By Marilyn Miller
Beacon Journal staff writer
CLEVELAND - Pulitzer Prize-winning editor Al Fitzpatrick, formerly of the Akron Beacon Journal, is the winner of the 2004 American Journalism Historians Association local journalist award.

Fitzpatrick, who worked for 29 years at the Beacon Journal, was its first black reporter. He was news editor in 1970 when he supervised the newspaper's coverage of the May 4 Kent State University shootings. In 1977 he was executive editor.

In 1979, Fitzpatrick became coordinator of minority affairs for the Knight Ridder chain, owner of the Beacon Journal. He later moved to corporate headquarters, then in Miami, where he rose to assistant vice president.

He retired from Knight Ridder in 1994.

Fitzpatrick reminded journalists Thursday not to forget their fundamental responsibility -- to investigate and tell both sides of the story. He said people have easier access to information because of technology, but that doesn't ensure instant credibility. It's the journalist's job to sort through information and bring credibility to the table, he said.

Fitzpatrick was interim dean of journalism at Howard University in Washington, D.C., for a year and occasionally teaches a journalism course called Managing Diversity at his alma mater, Kent State.

His award was given during the AJHA convention held this week in Cleveland. The 23-year-old organization fosters research and teaching of journalism history.
Marilyn Miller can be reached at 330-996-3098 or 800-777-7232 or

[Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, Ohio, Friday, October 22, 2004, page B7, col. 1]

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Sheila Semonin obit

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Sheila Semonin

Sheila M. Semonin (Nee McClarmon)

Sheila M. Semonin, 63, died Monday, Oct. 18, 2004.

Mrs. Semonin was a lifelong area resident who graduated from St. Martha Grade School and St. Vincent High School. She was a former librarian at the Beacon Journal, Mother of Sorrow Catholic Church, and the Hudson Library System. At the time of her retirement, she was employed by Chase Transcriptions. Sheila was an avid reader who enjoyed photogra phy and artistic endeavors. Her life was dedicated to helping others and, although she had many adversities, her wit and contagious smile made life bearable.

Preceded in death by her husband, William, she is survived by her daughters, Julie (Bill) Krukemeyer, Nora (Matt) Fleming, and Annie (Kirk) Weitz; grandchildren, Abby, Alex, Andrew, and Aaron Krukemeyer, and Jack Fleming; sister, Eileen Weber; brother, Steve (Michele) McClarnon; nieces, nephews, and extended family.

Calling hours will be Thurs day, 4 to 8 p.m., at the Dunn-Quigley, Ciriello & Carr Stow Chapel (Kent Road at Route 91). Mass of Christian Burial will be Friday, 10 a.m., at St. Martha Catholic Church. Interment at Cedar Grove Cemetery in Peninsula. The family suggests memorials to the Lung Association.

(Dunn Quigley, Criello & Carr, Stow, 330-253-8121.)

Please sign the guest book at

[Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, Ohio, Wednesday, October 20, 2004, page B7, col. 4]