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George Bing Davis

George “Bing” Davis took a BJ buyout in 2001, but he’s still writing for Ol’ Blue Walls. I saw his article about Green the other day.

I asked George to bring me and the BJ blog up to date on his career since he showed up in the building daily.

George Bing Davis

Here’s his reply:

Hi John and Paula,

In response to your note, I am in my 57th year in reporting and public relations and communications, including 32 years full-time with the Beacon Journal. I was one of 18 who left the BJ July 31, 2001, taking an early retirement buyout.

I then spent 21/2 years as Canton's Public Information Officer under Mayor Richard Watkins and became a BJ correspondent in 2004 to cover Green for the 77 South weekly.

That lasted a year and then I became the first editor of the Jackson Observer weekly, which ended after five months when I contracted mrsa infection during a knee transplant.

I then free lanced and in 2007 I returned to the BJ, working out of my home, as Green correspondent and crime watch reporter in Northern Stark and Southern Summit until the BJ canceled Crime Watch in March 2015.

I now cover Green Council and Green School Board and do occasional features involving both entities.

Merleen Fick Davis
Merleen and I celebrated our 52nd anniversary Feb. 22. We are blessed with four children, 10 grandchildren and a great-grandson. We continue to live in Perry Township in the home we built in 1975.

I hope this is what you are looking for. Yes I started my career while in high school and have enjoyed most every minute of the ride.

George Davis

Thanks, George.

George Bing was my immediate predecessor as BJ TV Editor (I started that job in 1980).

George earlier wrote:

I'll never forget my colleagues because they were tremendous. I am still in touch with several via email. Their talent and devotion during the decades were rewarded with three team Pulitzer Prizes and a fourth for John S. Knight's compilation of columns. What a newsroom team we had!!!

George and Merleen live in Perry Township in the home they had built in 1975. They have a year-round home at Guilford Lake State Park between Salem and Lisbon, where they enjoy boating, cooking out on the deck and sharing life with friends and neighbors.

His email address is  and his cellphone is 330-575-2926.

George was among 80 named to the Ohio School Board Association 2014 Media Honor Roll. He was nominated by the Green School District.

Why George Bing and not George W. Davis, as we knew him during his earlier BJ days? 

Explains his wife, Merleen Fick Davis:

“His grandmother called him that when he was born. Everyone from his hometown and family call him Bing. So if he forgets someone's name and they call him Bing we know it has to be from the McDonald/Youngstown area.”

George W./George Bing was a McDonald High School graduate before he moved on to Youngstown State and Bowling Green.

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