Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Family reunion for John Dunphy

1970s State Desk reporter Cathy Strong, the kinetic kiwi, isn’t the only on gadding about the country seeing relatives.

Another former State Desk reporter, and part of the Pulitzer team for BJ coverage of the 1970 Kent State killings, John Dunphy, who lives in Lakewood, California with wife Rebecca Allen, is in Seattle.


His landing target: Three sons, seven grandchildren and two brothers.


John’s brother, Steve Dunphy, lives in Seattle.

John’s sons are Brian, Michael and Kevin.

John’s siblings are Harry Dunphy, Stephen Dunphy,  Pat Maureen Dunphy Welling, Peter Dunphy, Dennis Dunphy, Christine Dunphy Barnett and the late Paul Dunphy.

John has been dealing with esophageal cancer for 3 years. The survival rate averages about 5 years.


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