Saturday, February 27, 2016

John Olesky          
                Bob Page

When it’s fun to be teed off

You don’t have to be in Ohio to have an every-Thursday golf group of former Beacon Journal co-workers.

It works fine in The Villages, Florida, too.

Retired BJ printer Hugh Dowing, who has lived in The Villages almost two decades since moving from Medina, sets up the tee times.

The rest of us just show up.

That would be Bob Page, former BJ State Desk reporter, who later went into the ministry and is an associate pastor in The Villages, and John Olesky, former State Desk assistant editor, who lives in The Villages four winter months with Paula Stone Tucker, another former State Desk reporter, and the other eight months in their Tallmadge home.

Bob and John played at the Heron golf course Thursday. Hugh’s sinuses acted up so he skipped this week.

Bob shot a 36, John a 37 on a very windy day which made it tough to figure out whether the ball was going 100 yards or 200 yards with the same club.

Next Thursday Hugh, Bob and John will have company from Ohio, Paula’s brother, Tom Stone, who lives in Summit County, for the Thursday teebox tete a tete.

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