Thursday, January 07, 2016

We need pins on a world map to keep track of Cathy Strong

I wonder if the Massey University faculty in Wellington notices that 1970s BJ State Desk reporter Cathy Robinson Strong, a Massey journalism professor, is absent a lot.

The latest trip was to Boston to visit Cathy’s daughter, Penelope Strong Pint, in Boston.

Penelope and international patent attorney John Wayne Pint married in New Zealand a year or two ago.

In the Boston gathering photo are:
Front: Penelope Strong Pint, Ann Hays, Cathy Robinson Strong
Back: Marissa Elliot, John Wayne Pint, Ian Equality Hays
Cathy recently visited her sister, Janet Mullins, who lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Boston and Washington are a long way from Wellington as the kiwi swims and walks because, unlike crows, kiwis can’t fly. It is 9,137 miles from Wellington to Boston. Even crows might be hard-pressed to make that journey.

A few years back Cathy flew to Boston to jump in a hot tub with friend Pam McCarthy, retired North Canton Hoover High teacher, in a reunion that took 35 years to happen. 

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