Sunday, January 17, 2016

John Olesky with 1932 Ford yellow deuce coupe in The Villages
Paul Le Mat as cool hot-rodder Milner in 'American Graffitti'
1932 Ford yellow deuce coupe deja vue
Paula and I visited the monthly car show in The Villages at Spanish Springs.

I was drawn to a 1932 yellow deuce car. It reminded me of the hot-rod that cool John Milner, played by Paul Le Mat, cruised in during the 1973 “American Graffitti” movie.

No wonder. It was a 1932 Ford yellow deuce coupe. Not the one in the movie, of course.

But it was autographed on the dashboard by Paula Le Mat.

Rick Figari of San Francisco owns the 1932 Ford yellow deuce coupe that was in “American Graffitti.”

The "THX 138" plates were custom-made for the movie. George Lucas' first movie was "THX 1138", a sci-fi film.

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