Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Hugh Downing injures shoulder

Retired Akron Beacon Journal printer Hugh Downing injured his shoulder trimming a tree on his property in The Villages, Florida more than a week ago.

Hugh Downing, John Olesky
Hugh says he’ll probably be able to play golf again in a week or so.

One of the branches that Hugh was whacking whacked back and knocked him off his ladder. He landed on his shoulder.

Hugh and wife Sharon have been home owners in the Villages, a playland for 114,000 senior citizens, since 2001, when Hugh retired. You have to be 55 or older to buy a home in The Villages, which lists more than 300 activities EVERY day of the year.

Hugh and newsroom retiree John Olesky were co-workers till John retired from the newsroom in 1996. They play golf in The Villages every week when John and Paula are winterizing in The Villages in Paula’s home that she bought in March.

John’s strategy is simple: If it’s too hot in Florida, head for Ohio; if it’s too cold and snowy in Ohio, head for Florida.

By the way, today John shot his lifetime Florida low with a 34 on the scenic up and down Hill Top golf course in The Villages, despite winds that knocked the ball so badly that you had to use 2 clubs higher than usual to get to the green.
Two par 3's and a birdie 2 helped.
But it won't last. Golf has a way of getting even with you.
Monday, he shot a 38 on the Silver Lake golf course, the one in The Villages, not the one in Summit County. And Wednesday a 36 at Chula Visa. The dude is on a roll. For now....

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