Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sunday 1/24/16 Hugh emailed John:
Rehab going OK. Will try swinging clubs this week.

Rehab therapy for Hugh Downing

Hugh Downing, John Olesky
Retired Akron Beacon Journal printer Hugh Downing is undergoing rehabilitation therapy for his right shoulder, which was injured when a limb he was trimming from their tree in The Villages, Florida knocked him off the ladder.

He landed on his shoulder. That was almost three weeks ago. When the shoulder didn’t get better, Hugh got an MRI.

Hugh and wife Sharon, who moved from Medina County, have been home owners in The Villages, a playland for 114,000 senior citizens, since 2001, when Hugh retired. You have to be 55 or older to buy a home in The Villages, which lists more than 300 activities EVERY day of the year.

Hugh and newsroom retiree John Olesky were co-workers till John retired from the newsroom in 1996. They usually play golf in The Villages every week when John and Paula are winterizing in The Villages in Paula’s home that she bought in March.

John Olesky, Bob Page
Since former BJ State Desk reporter Bob Page, associate pastor at the Live Oaks Community Church in The Villages, also is in The Villages, the plan was for the three BJ escapees to play golf together. Bob and John will play together, on Thursday, January 21, till Hugh’s shoulder is well enough for him to play golf.
Hugh says “I can’t raise my right arm.” Impossible to play golf without raising both arms above your head.

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