Monday, August 22, 2016

This is a photo of me on Grandfather Mountain. As promised, Grandfather Olesky met Grandfather Mountain, which is 5,946 feet high near Linville, North Carolina.

The swinging bridge we walked across is exactly 5,280 feet high, which is one mile, therefore it’s called the Mile-High Bridge.

On the same day I visited Blowing Rock, frequented over the century by Cherokee and Catawba tribes, which is 3,566 feet.

And Mount Mitchell, at 6,684 feet.  The nearest higher peaks are in the Black Hills of South Dakota and the highland foothills of Colorado.

So in one day I ascended an accumulative 14,792 feet. Mount Everest in the Himalaya is 29,029 – highest in the world. I think I’ll skip that one. After all, I am 83 10/12 years old.

But it’s good to be home in Tallmadge . . . till the next trip.

After 54 countries, 44 states, 20 winters in Florida . . . who knows where that will be?

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