Monday, August 29, 2016

Knee surgery for Jane Snow

Jane Snow, the best food writer in BJ history, had knee replacement surgery and is studying the room service menu until her hospital departure.

Women are more than twice as likely to have knee replacements as men.

In a decade, there have been 5.2 million knee replacements in America.

That includes my right knee, which is averaging 48 strokes for 9 holes on the golf course this year at the age of 83.

After her BJ retirement after a 28-year stay, Jane writes a weekly Internet newsletter, See Jane Cook, which former BJ advertising vice president Mitch Allen publishes, after selling advertising for it.

Her cookbook, “Jane Snow Cooks,” is in its fifth printing, maybe sixth by now. It contains her best recipes from her years at Ol’ Blue Walls. My daughter in Aurora swears by it. So do a lot of people who cook at home.
Jane has a potful of national awards for her food writing. James Beard's name is on some of them.

Rehab takes a while, I know. But once that’s behind you, it’s a whole lot better than the pain the knee gave you before a doctor put in the store-bought version.
Good luck, Jane. Maybe you'll be able to join me on the golf course once your store-bought knee does its intended job.

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