Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Not to be catty about it, but I think Ed Suba, Jr., who retired April 29 after 33 years as a BJ photographer, may be entering a, shall we say, hairy phase of his life.
He’s made his four cats the stars of his comic strip, “The Kitty Kingdom.”
Ed takes photos of his cats in various poses (whatever they’re in the mood for; you know cats) and puts comment bubbles above their heads.
My favorite is the one about Michael Phelps, who has won some many Olympics swimming medals that he would drown if he dived in the water wearing them all.
I looked over a dozen or so. Most are funny. Others are philosophical.
Cat people would purr over the comic strip. What we used to call old maids would be delighted and chattering among their friends in the nursing home.
The comic strips are on Ed’s web site, the Kitty Kingdom.
Explains Catman Suba:

“Each cat has its own personality and I base the strips on events in the world, my family and pretty much anything that looks interesting. Most try to be funny while some can be thoughtful and serious. It's something

I've always wanted to try and helps me keep the creative juices flowing, writing and photography-wise.”

It’s Ed’s version of “What’s New, Pussycat?”  Tom Jones, eat your heart out.
I’m trying to decide whether Ed is bonkers or a creative genius. I lean toward CG since Ed has been Ohio News Photographers Association Photographer of the Year three times and was bestowed the Robert S. Carson Award, the organization’s highest honor. He was ONPA president for about 20 years.
He calls it “my first retirement project.”
To go to Ed’s web site, click on http://kitty-kingdom.strikingly.com/
His email is ESUBAJR@neo.com and his phone is (330) 873-9868 if you want to cat … er, chat … with Ed. If you hear screetching on the other end of the line, it may be Ed playing the violin or one of his fabulous fearsome fantastic foursome frolicking favorite fixative flexible fuzzy feline friends.
I think I just broke the world record for alliteration.

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