Friday, August 05, 2016

Kim lured back to BJ

Kim Hone-McMahan
Kim Hone-McMahan just couldn’t stay away from Ol’ Blue Walls, even though she retired from the BJ April 5.

She’ll be writing for Savor Magazine, which the BJ is shelling out if you shell out $9.99 a year to the BJ for four issues.

After being a BJ correspondent for 9 years and a BJ staff writer for 26 years, I guess Kim just couldn’t quit the BJ cold turkey.

Kim replaced Jewell Cardwell as a BJ columnist in 2014.

Kim says Savor “encompasses all things in life we want to savor, from stories of people who are doing something interesting with their lives to places with the best food for dining out to experiencing a culture that is different than our own.”

Monica Thomas is the Savor editor.

Kim is married to Chris that is different from our own.

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