Saturday, August 27, 2016

BJ Newsroom retiree has a fabulous trip awaiting him.

Instead of going to Alaska, he’s making a sharp left turn to Santiago, Chile and Ushaia, Argentina where he will board a small ship to cross Drake Passage to Falkland Islands and St. George Island.

Writes Chasm, an Ohio University and Steubenville High grad who lives in Stow:

“With good luck and weather, will be able to use ship's powerful navigation binoculars to get look at Antarctic Peninsula. Should be interesting.”

Indeed, Chasm.

You will be hitting places where I’ve never been, despite visiting 55 countries and 44 states.

Bon voyage!

He’s not the only BJ traveler. The folks in that Primo’s Deli photo have been to Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, just about every country in Europe and several in Africa and nearly every state in the USA.
And that doesn't include the BJ escapees in the next article on this blog featuring the travel of Sarah Vradenburg and Diane Wright.
Chasm began at the BJ in 1970 and joined Ted Schneider, Jr. and Lew Stamp in walking out the door for the last time in 2008. My math tells me that’s 38 years at Ol’ Blue Walls, or 12 years more than I put in under the tutelage of Patrick T. Englehart and Harry Liggett.

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