Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Scarborough out at Akron

Ohio’s Polytechnic University is dead and Scott Scarborough, who pushed for the brand, has resigned as University of Akron president after a disconcordant and disruptive two years.

Scarborough can choose to be a faculty member in the college of business administration or take a contractual buyout of $450,000. 

He must vacate the university-owned home by Sept. 27. He will receive $15,000 in moving expenses. All his presidential perks, including a vehicle stipend, travel expenses and club memberships, end on Sept. 28. 

Rex Ramsier, interim senior vice president and provost, will take over until an interim president is named.

Let the healing begin.

Fall enrollment is down and programs led by Scarborough flopped miserably. One cost 800K. The OPU push was killed, too.

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