Friday, May 20, 2016

‘Mr. Ed’ star Alan Young dies

Alan Young, Mr. Ed
Alan Young, whose co-star for five years was a “talking” horse, died Thursday in California. He was 96.
“Mr. Ed” ran from 1961-66 on CBS. Young played architect Wilbur Post, who was married to Carol (played by Connie Hines, who died in 2009) and kept a horse, Mr. Ed, in their suburban stable.
Mr. Ed, voiced by Allan “Rocky” Lane, would speak only to Wilbur, whose name he “said” by twitching his horse lips. Thread made that happen in early episodes, but the horse eventually learned to twitch his lips when Young stopped talking.

Bamboo Harvester, who played Mr. Ed, died in 1970.
Young voiced Scrooge McDuck. So did Dallas McKennon in the 1960s, Stephen Stanton, Bill Thompson, Patrick Fraley and Will Ryan.

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