Monday, May 16, 2016

Guild firebrand Stephen Hatch passes away

Stephen Hatch, Cleveland Newspaper Guild executive secretary who was fired during a 1974 Cleveland newspaper strike but reinstated after an arbitrator’s ruling, has passed away.

BJ picture editor Bob DeMay, at the BJ since 1999 and Guild leader at Ol’ Blue Walls, emails:


“Got a note today about the death of former Local 1 Guild Executive Secretary Steve Hatch. Hatch, a former Plain Dealer reporter and Guild member, was Local executive secretary from 1978-92.

“This pre-dates my time at the BJ but thought the retirees might have an interest. 

“That's all the info I have for now.”

Hatch, who lived in Seven Hills, succeeded Jack Weir in 1978 as CNG executive secretary.  He was a formidable Guild activist who rankled Cleveland newspaper management.

That prompted the Newhouse legal eagles to shove Hatch out the door. Temporarily, as it turned out.

But Hatch was willing to take one for the team, his fellow union members.

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