Saturday, December 05, 2015

Retired BJ librarian Diane Wright is enjoying Florida sunshine on Siesta Key, which is where the late Bill Gorrell once had his rental complex that drew BJ printers by the dozens every year.
Writes Diane:
“Eating oysters outside again with a band playing. Doesn't get better than this!”

Ah, but all good things come to an end. Diane will be whisked back to Canton on Sunday, Dec. 6. That means, Diane, you'll go from 80 degrees to 37 degrees. So it'll take more than a bikini when you land in Ohio.

That's Stan, her man, with Diane.
As someone who has spent 20 winters in Florida, nearly every one of them on Siesta Key with the likes of Dave White, Don Bandy, Don Pack and Terry Dray, all deceased now unfortunately, and Hugh Downing and wife Sharon, who live in The Villages, Florida, where Paula and I will be spending this winter since Paula, former State Desk reporter, bought a home there.

My oyster bar preference is Captain Curt’s, which is closer to Gorrell’s old hangout than the Siesta Key Oyster Bar, which is in Siesta Village part of the island.

Diane is a 1995 University of Akron graduate who spent 23 years as a BJ Librarian before joining the mass exodus in 2008 that cost the BJ 345 years of service. She is a widow living in Canton. She came from Martins Ferry, Ohio to the Akron-Canton area.

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