Friday, December 18, 2015

BG editor fired for trying to take on the NRA

Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune editor Jan Larson McLaughlin was fired over an editorial she wrote – that was NOT published – suggesting that moderates should take over the National Rifle Association in light of all the mass shootings in America.

Sentinel Publisher and Vice President Karmen Concannon, who parents own the newspaper, killed the editorial and subsequently declined to discuss the matter with staff members who asked her to reconsider publishing it.

Mrs. McLaughlin said the rejected opinion piece called on responsible gun owners to reclaim control of the NRA in the wake of recent mass shootings across the country.

A Sentinel reporter for 29 years, including 23 years as county editor, Mrs. McLaughlin was named editor in May, 2013, following the death of longtime editor David Miller.

People posted their support for Mrs. McLaughlin on the Sentinel-Tribune’s Facebook page, and one reader posted the NRA editorial, which was later removed. Mrs. McLaughlin said she didn’t know him or how he got a copy of the editorial.

James Foust, a professor in the department of journalism and public relations at Bowling Green State University, said Mrs. McLaughlin has taught classes and given presentations at BGSU over the years, and was well-liked by students and faculty.

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