Thursday, December 03, 2015

‘Pain in the neck’ and Don Roese seem to go together

There are some who might say that retired BJ photographer is a pain in the neck because he is outspoken rather than politically correct. But that’s what I’ve always liked about him.

Don and wife Maryann and Paula and I have crossed paths with Don, in New Zealand when we both visited 1970s State Desk reporter Cathy Robinson Strong, on the Massey University faculty in Wellington, New Zealand; in Florida, although Don hangs out on the Atlantic side and we’re partial to the Gulf of Mexico side; and at Papa Joe’s for years, at the monthly gathering of BJ retirees (which no longer happens because so many who attended are in permanent residence below ground).

This clever lead gets me to Don’s current predicament: A pain in the neck.

Don explains:

“Arthritis causing disk problems in the neck. Seems to run in the family -- Jim, John and now me. Trying this treatment for pain, so far surgery is not an option. I tell you, this old age just ain't for sissies.”

As I said, Don has a way with words. He doesn’t sugarcoat or whitewash it.

Don added:

“Arthritis has a bunch of vertebrae messed up. Getting a couple of sessions of diagnostic injections in preparation for radio frequency burning of small nerves. This is being done at the pain center at Western Reserve Hospital in Cuyahoga Falls.

Good luck, Don.

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