Friday, October 16, 2015

Tierney in Vietnam; Cambodia next

Cathy enjoy Vietnam street
food vendor's cooking
Former BJ  Reference Library chief Cathy Tierney, who “fully retired” in 2013, doesn’t let much grass grow under her feet.

Her latest habitat is Vietnam with Cambodia next in line.

Writes Cathy of her travels:

“My first was an Amtrak trip to DC, then Japan in Cherry Blossom season, a riverboat trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow, covering 2,000 miles of Russia, and I've already made plans for a long trip to Morocco next year, for sure . . . the trips have been wonderful.”

As someone who has been to 53 countries and 43 states since my 1996 retirement from Ol’ Blue Walls, I second that emotion, Cathy.

Thailand is my favorite country that I visited. Paula and I also took in Cambodia, as Cathy will, and Laos, but not Vietnam.

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