Monday, October 12, 2015

Health report on Harry’s son

Health report on Bob Liggett, the late Harry Liggett’s son, from the patient himself:

“The good news - mri on both the hip and groin/pelvis better than I expected. Nothing new on the groin. Right hip shows minor labral tear but not even close for surgery. Day one is done. Staying the night for more tomorrow. Getting massage work and core exercises tomorrow.

Bob Liggett
“Doc is totally onboard for standing workstation. Gave me an actual prescription for one. The bad chair did cause some problems but with proper treatment Doc expects full recovery. Until it settles down completely I keep mileage low. If employer does not get me standing desk then I am leaving my employer.”

Wednesday, Bob posted:

Day two yesterday in Philly consisted about 4 hours of therapy. First hour was yoga. I love the fact that yoga is part of the therapy. About 20 moves all with modifications. Second hour was massage. Last two were coreexercises. His facility is topnotch.

“Sent my employer email stating the need for a discussion. We will see.”
Bob is being treated in Philadelphia.
Hoban High and University of Akron accounting graduate Bob, who lives in Copley, once worked at KeyCorp. He’s also a runner (the kind who go miles and miles each time out), and once stopped during a race to help a runner who required EMS assistance. He’s had a kidney transplant.

Bob’s brother, Tom, also a Hoban and U. of Akron graduate, is Community Pregnancy Center director of development and lives in Akron.

Their mother was the late Helen Smolak Liggett.

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