Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Retired BJ photographer Tom Marvin and his only sister, Marty Marvin Stiner of Canton (Tom's hometown, too), have another reunion down on his farm. Since Canton is only 52 miles from Kimbolton, the nearest town to Tom and Kay’s farm, it isn’t that tough.

Quips Tom about Marty: “She is WONDERFUL!

Tom and Kay have put in thousands of miles through Canada, Mexico and the United States. Tom has been strumming his guitar for more than six decades. He builds barns on his farm near Salt Fork State Park. And whips up a tasty “low country boil” of shrimp, andouille sausage, red potatoes, corn on the cob, old bay seasoning and shrimp boil seasoning.


Tom and wife Kay Ann Shaffer Marvin of Coshocton live on a farm in Guernsey County, just north of Salt Fork State Park, near I-77 and north of Cambridge, and is a former Monroe Township trustee.
They met when Tom was transportation supervisor and Kay was a school secretary for the same school district. They celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary Oct. 1. Tom’s first wife was former BJ reporter Pam McCarthy, a legendary teacher at Hoover High School in North Canton who “retired” from teaching for another business.

Tom and Kay have seven children between them.


His are Steve Marvin, a bank assistant vice president who lives in Cambridge; Brian Marvin, who lives in Worthington and is a Reynoldsburg police detective; Misty Bellon, a registered nurse living in Eunice, Louisiana, who is married with a son, Nick; and Beth Marvin Stevens, a Los Angeles attorney, from Tom’s marriage to teacher, with a son, Jackson Marvin Stevens.

Kay’s children are Tim Wilson, an electric company forester in Florida; Debi Geese, who lives in Fresno, Ohio and is married with two children; and Brett Wilson, a contractor in Coshocton.

Tom and Kay have 10 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Their neighbor is Mark Kovack, who once handled computers for the BJ. Writes Tom:  “They bought the land next to our farm 3 have lived here full-time” for a half-decade.

Tom’s email address is
His mailing address is  

74321 Birch Rd
Kimbolton,Oh 43749

His phone number is (740) 498-7471.

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