Wednesday, July 01, 2015

President Obama digs Black Keys


Akron’s Black Keys got a shout-out during President Barack Obama’s Twitter Q&A Wednesday afternoon.

The stated subject of #AskPOTUS was health care, but when asked “what’s your favorite song of the moment?” @POTUS replied: “was listening to outkast/liberation and the black keys/lonely boy this morning.”

The band promptly responded: “@POTUS Can we use Air Force One for our upcoming gigs?”

No word on whether Obama dances with the vigor of the dude in the Lonely Boy video when he’s jamming.

Responded Obama:

“It’s not mine. Just a loaner. Maybe you can come play sometime at the White House instead?”

Well, we all know that President Obama can sing “Amazing Grace.”

The Black Keys, who are piling up Grammys for their records, are Patrick Carney, son of retired BJ reporter Jim Carney, and Dan Auerbach, Patrick’s Firestone High classmate when both were budding musicians.
Now they do world concert tours when waves don’t slam Patrick into the sand and put him out of commission.

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