Tuesday, July 14, 2015

For 67 years, the Oval Office is only for millionaires

When adjusted for inflation to compare in current U.S. dollars, George Washington is the wealthiest President in American history at $525 million.

Next is John F. Kennedy at $125 to $1,000 million, depending on whose figures you go by.

Thomas Jefferson is at $212 million. Andrew Jackson is at $119 million.

Theodore Roosevelt is at $125 million. Cousin Franklin Roosevelt had $60 million.

James Madison is at $101 million.

Lyndon Johnson is at only $98 million.

Since Harry Truman (less than $1 million), Dwight Eisenhower is at $8 million, Richard Nixon at $15 million, Jimmy Carter at $7 million, Barack Obama at $8 million, Ronald Reagan at $13 million, Gerald Ford at $7 million, George Bush at $20 million, George H.W. Bush at $23 million. So America hasn’t elected a non-millionaire since 1948.

When the President tells you he feels your pain at trying to pay your mortgage or rent, he only means symbolically.

Abraham Lincoln, among the less than $1 million crowd in the Oval Office, wouldn’t stand a chance today.

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