Monday, July 20, 2015

BJ charges dead man for newspapers it never delivered

The Beacon Journal has been billing Harry Liggett for nine months for his subscription to his former newspaper.

Never mind that the BJ Alums founder passed away 16 months ago.
Harry Liggett, John Olesky

Writes Harry’s son, Bob Liggett of Copley:

“ABJ knew about Dad’s passing. I called them on that.”

Added Bob:

“The refund (for the subscription) was just short of $90. Your guess is as good as mine as to how they arrived at that.”

Based on my retirees subscription to the BJ, which I keep out of loyalty, which is $29.95 for three months, the BJ refunded nine months of subscriptions. I don’t know what happened to the other seven months.

Harry’s other son is Tom Liggett of Akron.

This situation brings up several questions:

1. Did Harry set up automatic payments through his checking account and, if the account closed after nine months and the BJ got an “account no longer active” notice, then the Circulation folks figured it out. In my case, my subscription charges are paid through my credit card, so the BJ will continue to collect from me till my credit card is canceled.

2. Was the BJ giving Harry’s carrier his/her cut of Harry’s subscription payments, as the BJ does from all the other customers?

3. Maybe they expected Harry to provide his change of address: Holy Cross Cemetery in Akron.

I can’t help but wonder how Harry would have handled this story. Or, for that matter, Pat Englehart. I suspect the Nobil-chewing guy would have mentioned something about “a man with a paper asshole.”

RIP, Harry. The BJ stopped ripping you off.

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