Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Serial killer stalking Chillicothe?

Chillicothe, once the capital of Ohio, is becoming the latest serial killer capital of Ohio.

At least six, and maybe nine, women – nearly all prostitutes – have gone missing. Most of them were found in Chillicothe’s rivers.

In a little over a year, six Chillicothe women went missing. Four were found dead. Nearby homicides are being investigated for possible connections to the Chillicothe serial killer.

That’s a lot of dead and missing women for a town of 21,000.

Kenneth Buell,  ex-boyfriend of one of the victims and the father of their two children, said that Chillicothe “is not safe The last five, six, seven years it’s gone to hell. You can’t walk around by yourself, especially females.”

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