Monday, June 29, 2015

Droning on about the new journalism

During my 43-year newspaper career drones referred to the privates who kept the newspapers humming while the generals huffed and puffed about the big picture.

Apparently drone has a new meaning, and not even one that President Obama has made us and ISIS familiar with.

Cathy Strong
Let 1970s State Desk reporter Cathy Robinson Strong, who’s been in New Zealand since the dinosaurs first died out, explain:

“Hey old journo friends, here is a little student production on the drone journalism course I'm teaching at Massey. When we were new journalists did we dream of having to use drone cameras .... or of having to produce slideshows like this one as part of our everyday work at newspapers, even community newspapers, as well as all other platforms?”

Cathy created the journalism masters degree program at Massey University in Wellington, which is within commuting distance of her beach home on the Kapiti Coast’s Te Horo Beach. 

Cathy taught journalism to the daughters of royal families in Dubai for three years before returning to New Zealand.

When she’s not teaching, Cathy snowboards down mountains, travels around the world and gets a ton of fun out of life.

If you go to her Facebook page, you can watch the video example of the drone Cathy refers to it. It’s not us at Ol’ Blue Walls. The world has changed.


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