Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cathy Strong (left), Pam Creedon

Reunions queen at it again

1970s State Desk reporter Cathy Strong is the queen of reunions.

She went 35 years in New Zealand without seeing anyone from her BJ days, the wham! In one week she had visits from retired BJ photographer Don Roese and wife Mary Ann and retired newsroom editor John Olesky (State Desk editor during Cathy’s stint at Ol’ Blue Walls) and former State Desk reporter Paula Stone Tucker.

Lately, Cathy returned to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirate, where she taught for three years, mostly to the daughters of Arab royalty. And who did she run into? Pam Creedon, her neighbor during her Mount Union days.

Cathy travels so much – she’s like a Tasmanian Devil of cartoon fame – that you’re more likely to see her somewhere out there in the world than in her New Zealand beach home near Wellington anyway.

There have been Cathy spottings in Japan, Kenya, Tonga, Washington (the nation’s capital and the state) and in a hot tub in Boston with another former BJ State Desk reporter, Pam McCarthy.

If you want to visit or phone Cathy, her New Zealand office number is  021 2172112. Don't be surprised if you get her VoiceMail. This is one busy babe! 

Cathy created the masters in journalism program at Massey University in Wellington.


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