Sunday, November 27, 2016

Barbara Galloway Mudrak, a reporter for nearly two dozen years at the BJ till her 2001 buyout, is celebrating her 41st wedding anniversary to Pete Mudrak, a Columbiana County farmer.

The Mount Union College graduate from Garfield Heights, who grew up in the home her parents built in 1948, teaches English and Journalism at Alliance High School in Stark County.

 Barb also is the adviser for the Red and Blue Flyer at Alliance High. Barb and Pete have two sons who got their educations at Kent State and Auburn.

Barb’s grandfather, sculpture Andrew Galloway, left evidence of his talent in churches all over the Cleveland area.

Barb is a movie star, albeit in a local film, “Minerva Monsters,” about the creatures reportedly roaming the Minerva area. The movie premiered appropriately at a Bigfoot Convention, in Salt Fork State Park.

I hope that Barb and Pete didn’t celebrate at Bricco’s Restaurant on Exchange Street at Main in Akron. A waitress who “looked sick” handled the food before Barb and other BJers came down with the flu or something akin to it after eating there in March.

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