Friday, October 07, 2016

Tribe postponed; room for late-comers at tonight's BJ party

I have 34 RSVPs for the Beacon Journal get-together at 7 p.m. Sunday, October 9 at Papa Joe’s Restaurant, 1561 Akron-Peninsula Road (where it meets Cuyahoga Falls’ Portage Trail Extension).

I booked the room where we held our monthly BJ retirees lunches for years till too many died. It can hold 45 people, and the Indians' playoff game was postponed to Monday, so last-minute arrivals are welcome.



Curt Brown

George Bing Davis

Murleen Davis
Mick Dimeff

Bob Dyer
Mary Davidson Ethridge
Jean Fahey
Joe Fahey
Laura Walker Fulp
Ott Gangl
Ann Gangl
Ray Habyan
Barb Heller
Bill Hunter
Christine Klecic
Art Krummel
Betsy Lammerding
Karen Chuparkoff Lefton
Roger Mezger 
Ann Sheldon Mezger
Charles Montague
Charlene Nevada
Tom Moore
Tom Moore’s daughter
Russ Musarra
John Olesky
Mark Price
Denny Richards
Don Roese
Sherry Shaffer
Cheryl Scott Sheinin
Neil Sheinin
Mike Williams
Jane Williams 

This is for ALL BJ departments, and for retirees AND current Beacon employees.

Want to party? This is the one you don’t want to miss!
John Olesky (BJ 1969-96)
World traveler for 20 years,
back home to party!


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