Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cathy meandering through Morocco mountains

Cathy Tierney is enjoying Morocco, one of the favorite trips for me among the 155 countries that I visited.

Olesky had to really suck in his gut
 when this guy ambled through
In my case, the thrill came when I had to flatten myself against the wall to avoid getting my toes trampled by a donkey carrying goods for sale at a Morrocan market in Medina. The space between the tents only left enough room for a burro loaded down with products and a Mountaineer who glued himself to the outside of one of the vendor’s tents.

Cathy reports:

“Wifi is spotty, so Pixs will be slow in coming. I spent the whole day traveling over the Middle Atlas Mountains today -- an adventure. Tomorrow will be heading to the Sahara camp -- probably no wifi. As for the camp, no roads, no people except an occasional nomad -- camping where few foreigners come, along routes known only to camel and goat-herding Tuareg nomads ... travel only in 4 x 4 vehicles and camels, of course.......what an adventure!”

Indeed, Cathy. Not the usual place for a BJ librarian, even the chief librarian.

Cathy also has visited Vietnam and Cambodia, probably Thailand, the #1 country on my list of visits (amazing people, amazing Buddha statues). And Egypt, where Paula and I also saw the Giza Pyramids, floated down The Nile River and saw amazing temples where the wall markings looked like they were put there yesterday even though they were centuries old -- two weeks before the Arab Spring revolution broke out!

In our case, our trip included Spain (and my hero, Don Quixote, since I also have spent my life tilting at the windmills of injustice), Portugal (and Vasco de Gama) and Morocco, with the Rock of Gibraltar as a bonus although there are mountains in my native West Virginia that dwarf The Rock.

By the way, in Morocco, there’s a Rick’s Place every other block. Guess “Casablanca” and Humphrey Bogart are a big hit there.
Meander marvelously ‘mongst Morocco mountains, Cathy. It’s a lot different than Ol’ Blue Walls!

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