Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Mark does ‘Nevermore’ forevermore

PD and former BJ pop culture critic Mark Dawidziak and wife Sara Showman will be quoting the Raven again.

No, not the NFL team that plays in Baltimore. But the guy who wrote the poem that the Ravens are named after. The author who is buried in Baltimore. In 1849 and again in 1875 (and you thought only the Browns changed homes).

Maybe it was appropriate. When the Browns moved to Baltimore, and Cleveland got an expansion team called the Browns, those eight All-American Football conference and NFL titles the Browns won was nevermore to be seen.

Anyway, Mark and Sara will be performing poems and stories by Edgar Allan Poe, including “The Raven” of “nevermore” fame, at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 20 in the G.A.R. Hall in Peninsula. It’s a small, cozy atmosphere. Paula and I sampled country music there.
For Mark and Sara, seems like the zillionth time they have done Poe. Well, BJ Alums articles on it go back to 2008. Eventually, they’ll get it right.

Mark and Sara are founders, CEOs and do-everythings of their Largely Literary Theater Company.

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