Tuesday, October 04, 2016

David Giffels with the 4-track recorder he purchased from a teenage Patrick Carney
The Patrick & David show is a wowser!

Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, the kid from Firestone High who has been high on music nearly his entire life, and David Giffels, whose motto is, If I build it, I’ll write a book about it, wowed them at the Akron Roundtable’s 40th anniversary celebration, where everyone there thinned out their wallets significantly to get into the affair.

Some of the highlights:

Giffels, a former BJ columnist, purchased a 4-track recorder from a teenaged Carney, who is a son of retired BJ reporter and sometimes radio talk show sub Jim Carney and stepson of BJ reporter Katie Byard.

Giffels loves Devo, and wrote a book about the Akron music group. Carney lived in a Highland Square apartment once occupied by Devo.

Carney said that mein papa enlisted him to appear at the Roundtable anniversary shindig.

To read Malcolm X. Abraham’s excellent article on the Roundtable fun, click on

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