Monday, July 10, 2017

Leon Gibb and Lee Jordan retired from WEWS-Channel 5. The anchors have a combined 52 years of experience.

Both are Bowling Green graduates who once worked at Columbus WCMH.

Jordan beat out actress Halle Berry for “The Morning Exchange” co-host gig in 1987 after six years at WCMH.

Her co-anchors have been Fred Griffith, Joel Rose, Ted Henry, Roy Weissinger, Chris Flanagan and Frank Wiley.

Leon grew up in Cleveland was a Plain Dealer reporter.

He began his broadcast career at Toledo’s WTOL.

Leon got the Columbus job after giving a ride of a hitchhiker whose girlfriend’s mother worked at the NBC affiliate.

Lee married and divorced Michael Garofalo (1987-1996) and Jerry Kastler (1996-1998).

Leon was at WKYC-Channel 3 for years before switching to WEWS-Channel 5.

Leon and wife Marguerite have two daughters, Jennifer and Allison.

Leon is in the Hall of Fame of Glenville High, Bowling Green School of Communications, Cleveland Association of Broadcasters and Ohio Broadcasters (Associated Press).

“The Morning Exchange” began in 1972 as “The Alan Douglas Morning Exchange” with Douglas, Don Webster and Joel Rose.

ABC used “The Morning Exchange” as its model for “A.M. America” in 1975.

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