Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Former BJ reporter Thrity Umbrigar will do some serious traveling to promote her latest book, “Everybody’s Son.”

Like Naperville, Illinois on June 9, Chicago on Jun 10, Corte Madera, California on June 26, Orinda, California on June 27, Palo Alto, California on June 28, Petoskey, Michigan on July 6 and Decatur, Georgia on September 2.

Heck, even the Hudson Library, 96 Library Street, Hudson, Ohio at 7 p.m. June 20.

This woman gets around.

Thrity was interviewed about “Everybody’s Son” by National Public Radio’s  Scott Simon for the Saturday, June 3 “Weekend Edition.”  The chat will show up sometime between 8 and 10 a.m. “We even talked about LeBron James,” Thrity said.
Thrity wrote “Bombay Times” in 2001, “First Darling in the Morning” in 2004, “The Space Between Us” in 2006, “If Today Be Sweet” in 2007, “The Weight of Heaven” in 2009, “The World We Found” in 2012, “The Story Hour” in 2014, “When I Carried You in My Belly” in 2017 and “Everybody’s Son,” also in 2017.

Many of her novels are tied to her experiences growing up in her native India, which she left at the age of 21 to attend Ohio State before winding up at Ol’ Blue Walls in 1987 after a couple of years at the Lorain Journal.

I wonder how she has time to teach creative writing at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, which she has been doing since 2002.

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