Thursday, May 18, 2017

BJ reunion in South Carolina

BJ Finance Department retiree Cheryl Scott Sheinin had a BJ reunion in South Carolina with Linda McElroy and retired printer Dick Latshaw and his wife, Pat. All three live on Pauleys Island.

Posted Cheryl: “It was great to see you all. Had a good time as always.”

The food at Crabby Mike’s in nearby Surfside Beach was good, too.

Cheryl retired after 45 years in BJ Finance. Husband Neil Sheinin is a former BJ staffer who married her 37 years ago on Cheryl’s birthday.

Dick and Pat have lived on Pauleys Island for 18 years.
Linda and her late husband, BJ business department retiree Harold McElroy, were their neighbors.
So was retired printer Sid Sprague, until he moved to Loveland, Colorado with his new bride after his first wife passed away.

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