Wednesday, April 19, 2017

O’Reilly joins Ailes as Fox News exile

Bill O'Reilly, you're out!
Primetime host Bill O’Reilly has been forced out by Fox News after two decades with the cable channel.

It cost Rupert Murdoch’s company $13 million to settle sexual harassment allegations against him.

The departure comes less than three weeks after The New York Times revealed how Fox News and 21st Century Fox repeatedly stood by Mr. O’Reilly even as sexual allegations piled up.

O’Reilly’s ouster came after more than 50 advertisers dropped his show and women’s rights groups called for his ouster. Women inside the company were outraged by the stonewalling.

Last summer a sexual harassment scandal forced the ouster of Fox News chairman Roger Ailes.

Sure looks like a despicable boys will be boys pattern at Fox News.

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