Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trump would gut America

It turns out that Mexico won’t be paying for Trump’s wall.

The Environmental Protection Agency  would take a 31% reduction under Trump’s proposed budget and make 3,200 people jobless. Goodbye, clean air and water. Hello, McDonald’s job and “do you want fries with that?”

The State Department would lose 29%.  Hello, more Benghazis.

Agriculture and Labor departments each would lose 21%. Who needs food and those annoying unions anyway.

Health and Human Services: 18% cut. Hell, old folks, just die and solve the problem. Plus, with no Meals on Wheels, dying will be easier for the old folks taking up space. Never mind that they won the #1 war in world history. So much for thanking the veterans.

Education Department: 14%. We don’t need no book-learning for the next generation that will be running America. Cuts about $3 billion from teacher training. Who needs teachers who know how to teach?

Housing and Urban Development: 13%. Hey, it’s not that bad living under a bridge in the winter.

Defense Department: UP 9%. Doesn’t sound like much, but its $54 BILLION. A few F-35’s eats it up in a hurry. Drones are cheaper, but why not enrich the military industrial complex that Eisenhower, the general most responsible for winning World War II, warned us about.

Energy Department loses $900 million from the Office of Science. That’s what they get for talking about global warming and the big bang theory.

IRS takes $239 million cut. That’s learn ‘em not to try to make Trump or his billionaire friends pay taxes.

Arts, libraries and PBS would get NOT a penny. A society that shuns culture and learning is a great way to improve America, huh?

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