Wednesday, March 01, 2017

March 10 is Oplinger’s final BJ day

BJ Managing Editor provides better details on his impending retirement, which will be effective March 10:


“Sorry, I was on the mountaintop with old editors who continue to tilt at windmills trying to save journalism.

“Just now looking at the Facebook comments and the BJ Alums blog item. It's fine.

“Here's what I wrote on Facebook:

“Time to clean the desk one last time. Announced Friday I am leaving the Akron
Beacon Journal after 46 years of trying my best to serve the public with accurate and empowering information. Last day is March 10 (that's a change from previous post).

“New adventure: The Ohio Media Project/Your Voice Ohio, working with reporters and editors across the state and engagement organizations such at the Jefferson Center and National Institute for Civil Discourse in establishing a trusting relationship between news media and the communities we serve.

“Without a functioning credible press, communities and the nation will not know of the problems for which we need solutions. To old friends who post links today attacking the mainstream media, suggesting we are the fakes, you have no idea how much it hurts. We work hard to serve you. We're now committed to experimenting with new ideas in the next few years in order to restore the trust that is so vital for democracy.

“I guess I'm saying I'm not retiring.


I think the “tilting at windmills” might be a reference to my life-long motto. It’s from Don Quixote in “The Man From La Mancha,” who tilts at the windmills of injustice. I’ve made it a life-long passion, in my newspaper career, working with children in  baseball and other public domains.
When Paula and I were in Spain I made it a point to go to the statue of Quixote on horseback and patted my role model on his head and his steed's butt. It was like American forces showing up in Europe saying "Lafayette, we are here."

Doug and I both realize the value of pursuing “the impossible dream.” The only difference is that Doug does it wearing a John Deere cap and I do it wearing a West Virginia Mountaineers cap.

Whatever works.

Staffer Stephanie Warsmith added this information:

“We received the very sad news late Friday that our newsroom will shrink once again, either through buyouts of layoffs. The company is looking to cut 7-8 positions.

“This will include the departure that has already happened of Cavs reporter Jason Lloyd and Managing Editor Doug Oplinger.
“We’re hoping enough people will take buyouts so that there will be no layoffs. Very sad sense of deja vue here.”

In 2006 the BJ eliminated one-fourth the work force.

In 2008 the BJ lost about 350 combined years of experience in one day. 

BJ isn’t alone. American newspapers eliminated 13,000 jobs by 2009. The attrition keeps coming.

Doug’s new work address:


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