Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trumpsters detain Holocast historian

The latest victim of Donald Trump’s “keep out the terrorists” policy is – ready for this – French Holocaust historian Henry Russo.

Rousso is an Egyptian native and French citizen. But he was detained for 10 hours when he landed in Houston on a flight from Paris.

Why? Paranoia about anyone with "Muslim" skin color, apparently.

The Texas A&M president got Fatma Marouf, who played a major role in shooting down Trump’s ban against refugees, to get the detention lifted.

Rousso was released to give his lecture.

Rousso, a Jew, was exiled from Egypt in 1956 under Nasser’s anti-Semitic regime.

Rousso said: "It is now necessary to deal with the utmost arbitrariness and incompetence on the other side of the Atlantic. What I know, having loved this country forever, is that the United States is no longer quite the United States."


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