Friday, February 03, 2017

Prostate surgery for John Dunphy

Former BJ reporter John Dunphy, who has done an excellent job of combatting esophageal cancer, will undergo surgery for his prostate cancer.

Writes John:

“I was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Not unusual for a man of my age. The doctor used the word aggressive and recommended surgery to remove the gland.

“That will happen as soon as they can arrange a surgery slot. Hospital stay will be 2 days, with 6 weeks of recovery after that (oh joy).”

John and wife Rebecca Allen Dunphy lives in Lakewood, California. They have been married for 9 years.

John is contributing editor at Southland Golf and a former reporter for the Orange County  Register in California. John is a Cincinnati Xavier University graduate from New York City.

At Ol’ Blue Walls, with the late Pat Englehart cracking the whip, John was a key reporter in the BJ’s coverage of the 1970 Kent State killings by the National Guard that brought the newspaper a Pulitzer Prize.

John’s other siblings are Harry Dunphy, Sister Patricia Dunphy, Maureen Dunphy Welling, Paul Dunphy, Peter Dunphy, Dennis Dunphy and Christine Dunphy Barnett.

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