Wednesday, April 13, 2016

From wedding day to 65th anniversary for Tom and Dot Moore
65th wedding anniversary for Tom Moore
Goddammit, Tom and Dot Moore will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary on Thursday, April 14.
Explains BJ newsroom retiree Tom:
"We were married in the naval communications chapel in Washington, D.C.
Dot is from Minnesota. I was in the Air Force at Bolling Air Force Base
in D.C. -- editor of the base newspaper.
After his retirement from Ol’ Blue Walls, Tom didn’t go off the rails. He went on them, as a conductor for the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. Dot often made treats for the passengers that she handed to Tom for special delivery.,
Since 2004, Tom heads for Fort Myers, Florida in October to publish a daily newspaper for the Roy Hobbs Baseball World Series for older players run by former BJ sports editor Tom Giffen, who took that show to Fort Myers 28 years ago. Hundreds of guys of various ages take part from all over the world.

Richmond, Virginia native Tom -- who was adopted by Spotswood and Virgina Moore in Tazewell, Virginia and once worked in Bluefield, West Virginia, where John S. Knight was born and lived for 3 years -- and wife Dot have four children, including three daughters who were copygirls at the BJ.

Amy Moore, Tom and Dot's youngest daughter; Caroline Jean Krack, their oldest daughter, who lives in Minnesota and retired as a teacher's aide; Katherine Ann Moore, who lives in Cuyahoga Falls, after retiring from the Environmental Protection Agency after 34 years with the government; and Tom's son, also named Tom, who with wife Sabrina Naylor are the parents of Amanda Jean.
Tom's 41-year newspaper career was on the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Zanesville News (now defunct), Lorain Journal, Columbus Citizen-Columbus Citizen Journal (both defunct) and the BJ. Plus four years part-time in the Ohio State Patrol headquarters in Columbus, editing the patrol's magazine,The Flying Wheel.
"I got my journalist 'degree' from the Air Force via GED and correspondence courses," Tom reports.
For those who don’t know the inside joke about the first word of this article, you could tell how things were going in the BJ Composing Room when Tom was makeup man. Seven Goddammits meant it was a really bad day. Most days had at least a few of the expletives.
If you want to congratulate Tom, his phone number is (330) 762-6669. If you’re too lazy to use your Smartphone, he has a Facebook page.

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