Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ed Suba ready for action
Suba retiring from BJ

Ed Suba, Jr. who came from the Charleston Gazette, West Virginia’s #1 newspaper, for literally a fiery baptism in 1984, will retire from the BJ on Friday, April 29.

Paula Schleis writes:
Ed Suba, Jr.

“Another farewell coming up folks. Photographer Ed Suba Jr. is retiring. Instead of the traditional newsroom cake and ceremony, photo will have an "open house" in its department from 2-5 p.m. on that day for anyone who would like to come in and wish Ed well. There will be some food and coffee and, of course, one of those legendary cards to sign.”
Award-winning 'Alice' photo
Ed was enjoying his first BJ Christmas party when he left to cover the Akron Recycle Energy System plant explosions on December 20, 1984.

Ed recalls:

“We had just started eating when one of our reporters heard about the explosion at the Akron Recycle Energy plant and called the newsroom with the news. The odd thing was that exactly one week prior, at the same exact time, I had been in the plant for a media tour. So my first thought when I heard about it was, man, I was just there.

“Everyone on the whole staff dropped their food and took off -- we all ran out to the site and went in different directions. We were in constant communication with the newsroom and each other by radio, but I remember spending the whole day out there.

“It was definitely an interesting introduction to the Beacon Journal.”

Two were killed and seven injured by the two explosions and fire. Ohio EPA tests confirmed that waste containing three volatile paint-related chemicals – xylene, toluene and methyl ethyl ketone – was dumped at the plant the day of the explosions.
Ed kept busy enough for 31 years to rack up a boatload of awards for his photos.
His most memorable picture was a simple face shot of homeless and mentally ill Alice smoking a cigarette outside a Merriman Road apartment. Eric Sandstom wrote the story.
Now Ed is homeless, too – well, as far as his Ol’ Blue Walls days are concerned.

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