Sunday, December 17, 2017

Ralph Carney

Ralph Carney, Jim’s legendary musician-brother, passes away

Ralph Carney, singer-composer-musician brother of BJ retiree Jim Carney, passed away Saturday, December 16 at the age of 61 from injuries caused when his head struck the steps he fell on.

Ralph lived in San Francisco with Deena Zacharin and was the father of Hedda Carney before he moved to Portland in 2015.

Their sister, Patsy Carney Hughes, passed away in 1997. 

Ralph, who primarily played saxophones and clarinets, was a founding member of the Akron-based punk band, Tin Huey. He had a long association with singer Tom Waits.

He began his musical career as an Akron eighth grader with banjo, violin and harmonica. By the time he was 15 a saxophone was his constant companion.

Ralph collaborated with nephew Patrick Carney on the Black Keys’ “Attack and Release” album. Drummer Patrick and fellow Firestone High grad, guitarist/vocalist Dan Auerbach, collect Grammy Awards as if they come from a Pez dispenser.

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