Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Am I the only one concerned that 3 far-right men control most of the media?

THREE men control the right-swing propaganda machine that is attacking the minds of voters in America.

Three men!

Rupert Murdoch, Steve Bannon continuing the alt-right crusade of founder Andrew Breitbart and Julian Sinclair Smith through his son, David Smith, and David’s three brothers.

Murdoch owns Fox News, which has almost 2 million viewers a day lapping up the right-wing propaganda.

Trump’s former campaign chairman Steve Bannon is the master manipulator at Breitbart, which draws 2 BILLION page views a year.

David Smith and his brothers run Sinclair Broadcast Group, which will own 233 local TV stations by the end of the year. Every station is handed right-wing segments EVERY DAY that they MUST run to attack anything to the left of Attilla the Hun, even if they have to manufacture fake news to do it.

Sinclair may be more dangerous than Fox News and Breitbart to democracy. Most intelligent people understand that Fox and Breitbart are propaganda machines for the far right. But most people trust their local TV newscasts more than national newscasts like Fox, CNN and MSNBC.
So this goosestepping order to use VERBATIM the daily far-right segments is way more effective than Fox and Breitbart. And its tenacles are in nearly every state.

In Ohio, for example, Dayton's WKEF and WRGT and Columbus' WSYX and WTTE and WWHO run IDENTICAL far-right “news” segments on orders from national headquarters on the same day.

Murdoch, Bannon and the Smith brothers dwarf such media icons as the New York Times and the Washington Post in their reach into the minds of everyday Americans. This is a frightening thought that 3 families have more control over what we think, and that they cater to the wishes of 500 wealthy Americans who have more money than 300 million other Americans combined.

Am I a voice crying in the wilderness? And what the hell can we do about it?

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