Friday, July 29, 2016

John McMullan, NOT John McMillion, dies

John Edwin McMullan, who began his Miami Herald career in the 1920s as a carrier boy and  ended it in 1983 as the Miami Herald’s executive editor, died Monday night at East Ridge Retirement Center in Cutler Bay. He was 95.

During two terms as the Herald’s highest-ranking news executive, McMullan’s  staff won five Pulitzer prizes.

Don’t confuse him with John McMillion, the former BJ editor whose main purpose seemed to be to chop down the Guild’s power when he arrived in 1986 to "stop the erosion of profits."

He eliminated double time for Sunday work with the statement, “Sunday is just another day.”

After supervising the BJ switch from afternoon to morning paper, he retired from the BJ at age 59 and moved to New Mexico.

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