Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Former BJ reporter John Dunphy has beaten some pretty serious odds.

Wife Rebecca Allen reports that John got a clean bill of health after PET and CT scans checking for a possible return of his esophageal cancer.

That puts John among the 8% who survive for at least three years.
Dr. Lipham, his wonderful surgeon, says that 3 years is a big deal. In 90% of patients, if the cancer is going to come back, it will happen in the first three years. Very good news. John doesn't have to be tested again for a year.”
Actually, the statistics say 92% don’t make it that far.
John also is a former reporter for the Orange County (California) Register. Rebecca is deputy Features Editor at the OC Register. They live in Lakewood, California.

John is contributing editor at Southland Golf and seems to make it to the golf course nearly as often as I do. Not main can make that claim since I’m in senior golf leagues at Brookledge (on Mondays) and Kent’s Sunny Hill (on Fridays) and practice with my partner, Tom, Paula’s brother, at RiverWoods on Wednesdays when I’m in Ohio.

At The Villages, Florida, the golfing increases to 5 days a week, every week, for 4 months.

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