Friday, November 16, 2018

Save an hour of waiting

To see if you still can use your pharmacy

I got my new AARP MedicareRx letter and card. I went to the website given in the letter to find out which pharmacies I can use in 2019 (like most companies, Black Press puts vending up for bids every year to get a lower cost for them).

Online, I couldn't find a way to find out which pharmacies I will have to use in 2019.
So I called the United Health Care phone number given to me on the online web site. The computer voice told me that my wait time would be ONE HOUR AND TEN MINUTES !!!!

Sure hope no one with an emergency has to wait that long.

So I went to

Locate a Pharmacy | UnitedHealthcare® - AARP


and found out that my Walgreen’s Pharmacy on Howe Avenue still is on the list.

And I saved 1 hour and 8 minutes of time by not waiting for the United Healthcare “help” phone line.

I'll make it easier for you. Just click on

 and check out your pharmacy.

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